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Our Mission

The mission of The Alpha Shift is to create strong, confident happy men who enjoy extremely satisfying relationships with the women in their lives.

I specifically remember the devastation I felt going through my divorce ten years ago. It was this deep wounded heartbroken pain.

...And it was about so much more than this woman who was leaving me.

I mean yeah, she was great and all, but nobody is worth that kind of agony.

What was going on with me was almost at the level of being devastated by spiritual deception.

I had done everything right. I had done what I was told. I had been a nice guy. I had been a good husband.

Even her family was astounded that she was leaving me.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Everything that society, the media, the movies, Hallmark cards, and my single mother taught me about women and relationships was WRONG.

And I was paying the price for it.

I made a decision right then and there, NEVER AGAIN.

I searched high and low. I found the world's greatest experts on sex and dating.

I learned all of that and then some.

Along the way I figured out that the modern man had lost something:


I found a way for the modern ineffectual nice guy to transform into a powerful masculine self-determined leader.

That is what the world lacks, and that is why so many men are failing with their significant others, their families, and their careers.

I turned my life around. I became driven and happy from the inside out.

My relationships happened on my terms and were deeply satisfying.

I enjoyed the respect and admiration of everyone around me.

And I shifted out of a nightmare job to a dream career.

The Mission:

I want to empower men to do all of this and more.

That is why I created The Alpha Shift.

Maybe you are alone, perhaps you've been through a crushing divorce, maybe you have no idea where to go from here.

I've got you covered.

I want to show you how to be the most powerful, dominant, and effective version of yourself.

I want to show you that with the right attitude and knowledge, anything is possible.

And most importantly with The Alpha Shift, I want to create a tribe.

Success can be a lonely journey at times. Having those who are like-minded around you and supporting you can make all the difference between success and failure.

If you're ready to begin, let's get started.


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