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Who needs marriage anyway?

Jul 14, 2018


I now advise men to be very wary when considering marriage.

We've lost something significant.

Experts today are saying marriage was always a social construct and maybe marriage and monogamy are not our natural state.

I'll get to that but first, let's look at some numbers:

In 2010 Pew Research reported that Barely half of Americans over the age 18 are married. The number of couples married in 2010 dropped a startling 5 percent from the previous year, and the overall number of married couples has declined by more than 20 percentage points since 1960.

The report showed that Americans are not only getting married less frequently, but they're also doing so later in life. These findings mirror those observed in the UK where researchers found that only 48 percent of adults there were married.

…And this was the most recent study I found before this writing. It's likely declined since then.

Add to that, about 50% of all those marriages are ending in divorce.


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The power of staying mentally broke

Apr 24, 2018

Hey it's David,

People ask me sometimes why I take such a hardline approach to relationship coaching.

Why the "red pill" perspective?

Why are you always talking about the pitfalls of women? Why point out evolutionary DNA, Hypergamy, the concept of all women are like that, and there are no good girls (not quite true)?

It's pretty doom and gloom.

And don't you have a great relationship anyway?

Shouldn't you just talk about the positive aspects and just teach guys how to be happy?

These are good questions.

Sometimes I ask myself what makes me such a hardliner.

And the answer is that it's NECESSARY.

We were just having lunch with some old friends, and my buddy was recounting how he and his wife are re-listening to an old Earl Nightingale sales/motivational program called "Lead The Field."

In it, Earl Nightingale discusses the concept of keeping himself "mentally broke."

This is so that he will always be hungry, always making more sales, always building his business - always...

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Men are under attack from all sides

Mar 30, 2018

Hello, my red-pilled clan,

It's David again, coming at you.

I'm taking a break from working on our first course to bring you another special report.

Before I get to it, let me show you something a buddy just sent me:

That's right; the Brawny paper towel man has now become a woman.

The packaging says "Strength has no gender."

Can I just say enough is enough?

Nothing masculine is sacred.

It seems to have become a cultural imperative to place women above men at every opportunity.

This is bullshit.

I'm sounding the alarm.

Consider me the Paul Revere of sex and relationships.

I'm here for you guys. In these dark times, I'm clearly out to help YOU win and become the best you can be.

More on that soon.

But, back to the rapid decline of western civilization:

Tucker Carlson interviewed Christina Hoff Sommers, author of War Against Boys, in the last part of his March weekly series 'Men in America.'

Carlson explained how the "patriarchy" has been dead, why the education system...

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Why I do what I do...

Mar 25, 2018

People sometimes wonder about my motives.

Why is it so important to empower men in love and life?

Why am I so harsh in my urgency to face reality?

Why am I so relentless and unyielding in my exposure of myths, bad female behavior, and the pitfalls facing young guys?

Do you hate women or something? Did someone hurt poor little you?


Number one...

- Of course, I don't hate women. Quite the opposite. I sympathize with their frustration. And I see, plain as day, how they're being set up.

They've been sold a bill of goods just like the directionless effeminate boys that we seem to see everywhere today.

Prediction - in the next few decades, depression and suicides in women will SKYROCKET from their current levels.

When they say the future is female, they may not know what they're in for. CNN could well be littered with headlines like, the girl crisis, what happened to our girls, why have girls turned violent, etc.

A world without willing and eligible men will be ugly.


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Yeah but, there's this one girl...

Feb 27, 2018

Hey it's David,

There's a term in that's been circulating online, in the manosphere and in dating circles for years:


It means All Women Are Like That.

And it's true. They are.

All women will cheat under the right circumstances, even your perfect little princess.

All women will hop on to a better higher value guy if they get that chance, even your perfect little princess.

All women lie, even your perfect little princess.

ALL. Women. Are. Like. That.

Now don't go hatin'...

You don't hate a squirrel for stashing acorns.

You don't hate a scorpion because it stings.

You don't hate a wolf because it wants to eat your sheep.

You don't hate a thing for acting in accordance with its nature.

Female behavior is coded at the DNA level to seek safety and protection, hence Hypergamy and climbing the chain.

(You were just brainwashed to believe in fucking romantic fairy tales - that's the problem.)

It's important to understand this because once you can start to codify female...

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VIDEO - Become the kind of man for whom success is inevitable...

Feb 25, 2018

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Being right VS. being happy and free

Feb 23, 2018

Hey it's David,

Sometimes when I'm talking to other guys about the relationship dynamics between men and women, I really piss them off.

Especially married guys with 2.5 kids a dog a beer belly and an unhappy wife.

There's A LOT of those out there.

When we are invested in something, a way of being, a belief system, a certain course in life, it can become very scary to think of scraping it all and changing...

...Even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Denial in the face of overwhelming evidence is called cognitive dissonance.

We NEED to be right.

We would rather stay where we are and insist on being right.

It's safer that going into the unknown.

But let me tell you - that's where all the fun is.

The truth is not evil.

The truth will not kill you.

The truth, to be cliche, really does set you free.

But the truth is radically different from the lies and fairy tales that you have been fed.

Romance, true love, and soul mates are bullshit...

...Dangerous myths that pull a man...

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Ayahuasca And The Red Pill - Crazy Shit That Really Happened!! (And some good news...)

Feb 20, 2018

In this video, I describe my recent experience at an amazing place:

Rythmia Life Advancement Center.

While there I did some life-changing medicine ceremonies which gave me compelling and deep insights into my life and into issues which preoccupy us all.

Give me 8 minutes of your time, you won't regret it.

You can find out more about Rythmia Life Advancement Center here:

(Make sure to tell them David Krueger sent you!!)


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Happy frickin Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2018

So it's February 14th, what are your plans?

(Did I just trigger you with that question?)

I've seen a lot posts on social media about "just doing me", and "Valentines Day is an 18 billion dollar industry", and "if you have to wait for Valentine's Day to send flowers, you're not a man" all the way to "fuck her, don't waste your money go your own way."


Valentine's Day gets a lot of feathers ruffled.


Here's my take:

If I'm going to be in a relationship, I'm going to maintain it RIGHT.

Am I taking her out for dinner and dancing tonight?


Will a bouquet of roses arrive at her office this afternoon?


If in your head that makes me some sort of a simp, wimp or idiot, then you're still stuck in blame and being a victim.

We'll get you out of that.

You see Valentine's Day is nothing special. I arrange a date night about once a week.

It keeps emotional closeness.

After almost five years together the sex is fresh and exciting.

It takes WORK.

No different than...

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The King Eats First

Feb 13, 2018

I want to impart to you a rant that came to me recently.

It goes something like this:


You are not JESUS CHRIST.


Stop trying to save HER.

Stop trying to save YOUR MARRIAGE.

Stop trying to save THE WORLD.

Your woman doesn't give a shit about your promises.

She doesn't give a shit about your talk.

She cares how you SHOW UP.

She cares about what you DO.

What you do is what separates the men from the boys.

She doesn't want an immature LITTLE BOY making hollow promises of being better.

She wants a fucking KING.

She wants to see you own your SHIT.

She wants you to not ask permission and just fucking ravish her.



Stop being a sniveling COWARD.

Stop blaming her for your own bullshit.

Stop blaming your past.

Stop saying "but she does/doesn't.."

Zip it.

Do the work.

Create new habits.

Do shit differently.

Show up like a KING.

Want her to TRUST & LOVE YOU?

Understand this one simple thing....



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