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Fixing What Feminism Broke - An Interview With Suzanne Venker

May 08, 2019



I've been saying it for years:

Feminism sucks. It just plain sucks.

And guess who it's most significant victims are?

Not you.

Not me.

Women. All of them. I'm pretty sure that the "liberation" of women was the greatest hustle ever pulled on them.

And New York Times Bestselling author Suzanne Venker agrees with me.

You have to listen to the interview that my friend Andre recently did with her at the top of the page.

Suzanne teaches women how to succeed with men in life and in love by rejecting the concept of sexual equality and embracing human nature instead.

She markets herself as The Feminist Fixer.


Because she helps fix what feminists have broken: the relationship between women and men.

I absolutely love what this woman is doing and will continue to encourage women to follow her work and read her books.

Suzanne Venker stems from a long line of women trailblazers and activists, a group that's typically associated with feminist thinkers. But the women in...

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Trigger Warning: A frank discussion about modern dating and sex

Apr 24, 2019


I was recently featured on the Better Dating And Relationships Podcast with two good friends of mine, Matt and Anna.

I first met Matt and Anna when I was training to be a Higher Game Mastery Circles Coach. Anna and I got to talking and realized that we are doing the same kind of work.

The two of them are partners both in their coaching and personal life. They discovered early on that they both had a very similar life outlook as well as the goal and drive to help others through coaching.

Since then, they have used their combined knowledge and experiences to help their clients learn how to become successful in dating and relationships as well as living an inspired and purpose driven life.

You can check their website out here:

Their Better Dating and Relationships Podcast is where they seek to bring the discussions they always enjoyed in private out onto an open forum to help share their expertise and inspire others to reach...

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What the hell do I mean when I say "Alpha Male?"

Apr 17, 2019

I was recently recording a podcast with my dear friends Matt and Anna. They're kind of a dynamic duo of dating coaching, and we are all involved in The Higher Game Mastery Circles (something will tell you guys about soon..).

They took a look at The Alpha Shift and got really interested in what I do.

Matt and Anna, Andre Paradis (remember my podcast with him?) and I all met in the Mastery Circle program, and we all do similar work.

I find that interesting.

It's like a calling. A great gestalt and it's in the air.

During this podcast we recorded, Anna asked me an interesting question regarding the Alpha Shift and the work I'm doing with men.

She asked, "David, what is an Alpha Male?"

I told her that it was an excellent question. In fact, I think it's so important, I'm going to put a page on the website giving the explanation.

You see, a lot of people have different ideas of what an Alpha Male is, and so it's high time I gave you mine.

Firstly, the scientific community defines...

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If you only read one of my articles, read THIS one...

Apr 10, 2019

In this newsletter, I hit you with a lot of hard truths that you have to face to become stronger.

It's true you have to know the score in life. You have to acknowledge conditions and acknowledge the person that you are.

You have to tell the TRUTH.

But a wise man once told me that once you tell the truth, the truth starts to change. For the better.

If you're a dishonest liar and you say out loud to the world and yourself, "I'm a liar" you just told the damn truth. And the truth that you're a liar begins to change.

The truth here is that your life is not what you had hoped for. YOU are not what you had hoped for.

Hey man, that's fine. That's why you read newsletters like this.

This world is full of men (and women) who are living their lives by default. They're not in control and miserable.

They look at their circumstances, don't believe they can change them, and start to make excuses and rationalizations.

That was once me. Not anymore.

Everything I create is on purpose. I have...

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How To Change

Apr 04, 2019

Oh, life in the modern world...

It's almost like there's a vast conspiracy to feminize men, and we've all felt the effects.

Now they're calling masculinity itself toxic.

Let me dispel that right now:

It's not. Don't buy the lie.

I'm hereby giving you permission to roar once in a while. Operate with the approval of no one.

Watch Fight Club. Once a week. For a year.

Remember who you are.

Everyone hears inspirational quotes and sees memes on their social media about "you are enough" and "learning to love yourself" and without context often the words are just words, meaningless platitudes.

Let me give you some context for loving yourself and being enough:

You can't be afraid to lose her (whoever she is).

She can be your wife, your girlfriend, the girl down the street that you pine for from afar.

"She" can be your dream job, money in the bank or something truly priceless and precious beyond words (Like a 2019 Camaro ZL1).

The capacity to let go is what outcome independence is...

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She's not a band-aid

Mar 25, 2019

A woman isn't a band-aid.

A good relationship with a high caliber woman is a bonus, an add-on to an already awesome life.

That's the only way relationships and marriages can really succeed over time.

We forget that as time goes on and make our wives the center of our existence. When that happens, we lose the essence of what made us attractive in the beginning.

...And we wonder why attraction fades over time.

I see it all the time in both perpetually single guys and guys who are recently divorced or out of a long term relationship....

They make it their chief aim in life to get a woman because they think SHE (whoever the hell she ends up being) will make them happy. Will cure the loneliness. Will make it all better just like mommy did when they were a kid.

The woman is essentially a band-aid for a broken existence.

That's frighteningly co-dependent and frighteningly COMMON.

If you've got out-points and problems in your personality and in your life, the presence of a woman...

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"Why can't I talk to her about my emotions?!"

Mar 18, 2019

Hey it's DK,

I've heard this or some version of it from more men than I can count:


"Every time I try to express my emotions to my wife she shuts down. And I know it'll be about 2 weeks before we'll have sex again! What the hell is up with that?!"

Why can't she accept me and my emotions like I'm supposed to accept hers? Why can't she have a little compassion and show support for ME sometimes?"


Now before I go on, take a deep breath. Every time I explain how a man's vulnerability can mess up his sex life someone ends up getting pissed off and calling me a misogynist or God knows what.

Hear me out:

When you cry, whine and bitch about your feelings, At a subconscious level, women can't help but perceive it as "weakness." It disgusts them.

And it's not just me saying it:

Dr. Brene Brown's work has revealed, many women get really uncomfortable when their man is showing excessive emotion or vulnerability.

They can experience it as an...

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Insecurity And Neediness VS Outcome Independence

Mar 13, 2019

DK here,

How do you like the idea of never having to chase a woman again? Never again having to be worried or neurotic about whether she's responding to what you're saying or doing?

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Read on...

The most common question that comes up when I tell guys they are not going to chase women is something like this:


"How am I supposed to get a woman if I don't CHASE them?! It's not going to just magically happen, DK. I'm not going to sit in the damn lotus position, meditate, chant and have her drop out of the sky on my lap!"


Yes, that's true.

I'll never ask you to stop your healthy pursuit of great relationships and healthy sheet ripping sweat-inducing sex with women.

What I'm asking is for you to stop the needy pursuit of their acceptance and approval.

That's what screwing up your feeling state and making life hell. Nothing else.


I am in 100% support of healthy, happy and confident men pursuing their desire for healthy, happy,...

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Hear David on "How The Culture Gets It Wrong" Podcast

Mar 03, 2019

While on a recent business trip to LA, I met a pretty remarkable guy by the name of Andre Paradis.

He's the founder of Project Equinox and the host of the "How The Culture Gets it Wrong" podcast.

Andre is a relationship coach who knows that gender intelligence is the most important tool men and women can gain for a happy and healthy relationship.

From Andre's description of the podcast:


How the Culture gets it Wrong

Dating, Sex, and Relationship Insights with relationship coach host, Andre Paradis. What the culture says works in love relationships often flies in the face of what I know to be true. Come listen as I dismantle this madness and help Men and Women learn about the importance of complementary energy dynamics in love relationships.


...And he does dismantle the madness. Andre gets the power and necessity of being an Alpha Male. What we mean by that is an independent self-directed leader who has a strong mission in life and does not...

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Don't ever play by her rules

Jan 23, 2019

Good morning badasses,

As often as I can, I want to hit you guys with nuggets of wisdom in these articles.

I want to plant seeds in your heads to get you thinking the right way about your relationships with the women in your lives.

More important than that, I want to get you thinking the right way about yourselves.

I want you to that you have all the power. The trick is that you have to realize that and then take control. This is the hard part. This is the part that takes half our life to get, if at all.

I'll help you with that, one idea at a time.

Here's your thought for today:

Don't ever play by her rules.

If you allow a woman to make the rules, she will resent you with a seething contempt even a rapist cannot inspire.

The strongest woman and the most strident feminist wants to be led by, and to submit to, a more powerful man. They will never tell you this. They don't know it, at least not consciously.

That's why I need to tell you this shit.

When you are...

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