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Alpha Shift Radio Episode 006: The Secrets To Success

Nov 14, 2019



Show Notes:

In this episode, David and Don discuss the real secret behind personal success and making changes in one's life.

David discusses his recent trip to Germany and the event at which he masterminded and gave a talk to several of his Global Information Network brothers and sisters.

David has turned his life around using the system that The Global Information Network (GIN) has given him.

That system is this:

1. Audios. Listen to positive inspiring audios every single day. At least an hour a day, more is better.
2. Read books. Even as little as a page a day will do. Audio and reading engage different parts of your brain and both are essential on a daily basis.
3. Attend live events. You must attend events as often as is humanly possible. Big stage events as well as smaller gatherings. It's important to get in the physical company of like-minded people who are going in the same direction that you are in life. The support you give and receive and the...

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Be a MAN and respect attends to itself

Nov 04, 2019



A servant you'll be, and a friend she'll see...

Hey, it's David.

There once was a Nice Guy who thought he had it made. He and his girl were finally boyfriend and girlfriend - the hard, awkward early moments finally gone. Everything was good! Except...

"I am hungry" (are they not always hungry!?). "Fetch me lunch."

Poor young man! He had enough wisdom not to do this earlier, but now, he told himself, "She is my girlfriend. I must make her happy!"

He brought her lunch. After feeding her face, was she satisfied? NO! For she said, "I need to do this and this at work today. It would be wonderful if you would go get the supplies for me."

And off the Nice Guy went! And when he returned, there was another task. Poor Nice Guy! On and on it went! More tasks, more chores, he became wrapped around her finger.

Then, it happened: "I think we should just be friends," she said.

The Nice Guy was devastated. But also, he was puzzled. He did everything he could to please her,...

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Why some men are the PRIZE (and others are not)

Oct 31, 2019



Are you acting like a beggar, when you should be the prize? If so, there's a good reason...

Hey, it's David.

Got a hard life lesson to share today. Let me tell you a little story (with Captain Alpha's help):

There once was this guy...

He was good looking and single and on the prowl for a girlfriend. Oh, he wanted a fine feminine thing to complete him.

He approached many girls and did everything he could to WIN them. He failed miserably.

With one girl, he brought flowers. With another girl, he brought her gifts. Yet, with another girl, he brought her candy.

In conversations, he would be agreeable to everything she said. In matters of planning, he would reschedule anything and everything on her whim. The women would become his sun with his entire life merely orbiting them.

But the poor guy kept crashing and burning.

"It is because they don't know how good you are," older women and friends said.

Yet, the guy noticed a pattern in his crash and burns. "The only...

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Do you have the guts to follow your gut?!

Oct 28, 2019



It takes courage to stop thinking so much and follow your inner knowing.

Hey, it's David.

There once was a regular guy...

A woman was crushing on him badly, and the guy was bewildered and stunned for this was unfamiliar ground for him. He was now wise enough to have patience...

...After all he reads the Alpha Shift blog on a daily basis and heeds the lesson in the Captain Alpha stories.


She would get close to him. Her eyes would shine like stars. She would make jokes about kisses and kissing. He felt the urge to kiss her but denied it.

Eventually, the iron grew cold. The woman became disinterested. She moved on.

"Oh, dear," the guy realized. "I should have kissed her. I have been following philosophies and not being myself. I should follow my inner nature, and...

"Trust the gut." Say's the image of Captain Alpha, who just conveniently appeared in his head (no one else can see him).

"How do you trust the gut?" asked the young man.

Captain Alpha showed...

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8 Reasons you should be sending MIXED SIGNALS (some will shock you)

Oct 24, 2019



Women HATE a sure thing. They are INTRIGUED by mixed signals.

Hey, it's David.

As guys, we've sort of been programmed to believe that you have to "prove your worth" for a woman.

For years we've heard advice like "if you like her, let her know."

And because of this 'pre-programming' the minute we start liking a woman there is a little voice in our head that continually tells us that "if she just knows how much I like her, she'll want to be with me."

But the notion that women want "certainty" is DEAD WRONG.

In fact, nothing will fan the flames of attraction as much as SENDING MIXED SIGNALS.

My friend Bobby discovered there are a handful of reasons this works...

Why? Here are 8 great reasons he found:

1. It prevents you from appearing needy, clingy, or "too available."

2. When a girl can't figure you out, you have the upper hand and power in the relationship.

3. She'll begin to work harder to attract you, which creates more "investment" on her part. This is KEY. She must...

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Podcast Ep. 005 - Live Life Like You're Dying, Relationships Are Your Riches and Burnt Corned Beef

Oct 22, 2019



Tonight's episode is very special and very personal for David and Don.

It's the one year anniversary of the untimely passing of their dear friend, and tonight we celebrate and learn from an exceptionally well-lived life.

It is an incredibly attractive and magnetically powerful thing to live life like it's precious, see people like they matter, and make everyone around you feel important.

Building a community is literally where all your riches in life come from.

...And of course, you can't rush the preparation of a 30 lb - corned beef.

Matt Bair, we love you, and you'll always be in our hearts.

(Make sure to listen to the end, where we feature a live recording of Don presenting this amazing story at a Moth Story Slam!)

2:30 - Who Matt was. What was special and different about the way he treated people.

6:30 - Everyone goes their separate ways after graduation. It's all about the future! You don't realize you are ALWAYS living your best moments. Life is what...

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Her focus must be on YOU

Oct 21, 2019



You giving her a lot of attention is WRONG.

Hey, it's David.

The correct posture for a wonderful, exciting sexual fulfilling relationship is one where a woman's interest level in a man is 100%. His is slightly less. She dotes, chases, and thinks about him. He is amused and charmed and treats her like his favorite pretty little brat.

That's how to get the results the bad boy gets, and everyone else envies, without having to be bad.

Here's a parable:

A man, we'll call him "Captain Alpha," found himself in the company of lovely ladies. Alas, also in company were several men of high esteem. They were more handsome. They had more money. They had more charm. They were better in every measurable way than Captain Alpha.

But Cap knew he had the goods too, if not in such a polished way. "I will be patient and let the cards fall where they may."

Notice that this was NOT inaction. He just did not let the lovely ladies' attention get the best of him nor the success or...

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(INSANE) Why women despise "sensitive" guys . . .

Oct 19, 2019



Have you ever wondered why women flirt with guys they HATE?

Hey, it's David . . .

If you've ever caught a girl smiling at you, playing with her hair, flirting with you and
giving you what you thought was every signal in the book. . .

Only to have her TURN ON YOU and TREAT YOU LIKE A CREEP when you try to make eye contact or say hi; you need to go check out this crazy video right now:

It's by my friend Lawrence Lanoff, and it teaches you the 3 absolutely INSANE reasons women won't admit they want to sleep with you. . .

PLUS it teaches you the "Magic Code Words" women need to hear to let them "drop the act." and treat you like a sex object put on this planet just for their pleasure. . .

Getting laid ain't gonna magically make your life better, but a lot of guys ask me for a quick way to get an edge in their social circles. Lawrence is it.

Stay dangerous,


P.S. WARNING: If you've been REJECTED by girls before this presentation may trigger INTENSE feelings of...

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Pay attention to what she DOES, not what she says...

Oct 17, 2019



The pedestal we put women on only exists in our heads.

Hey, it's David.

Let me tell you a little story - there's a good moral to this story...

A guy called a woman and asked her out. The guy was nervous, was scared; he was shy.

"So we're set for tomorrow night?"

"Umm, yeah," she replied.

Then, tomorrow night came. The guy agonized over the date the entire day.

How should he act? What shall he wear? Did he have enough money? Would he be fun enough?"

But the poor guy realized he was wasting his time worrying for there was no date. He got stood up.

Obviously, there HAD to be a reason. Perhaps something awful happened. Perhaps her car didn't start. Perhaps some incredible thing occurred in her life AT THAT TIME that kept apart the two star crossed lovers!

So he tried again. "Did we miscommunicate?" "Oh, umm...Yeah."

"You still want to go out?"


"Let's go out on this and this day. OK?"


That day comes. The guy gets stood up yet again.

But he...

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Have men become overgrown children? Podcast Ep. 004

Oct 14, 2019



Is it true that there are no marriageable men?

*Warning* Explicit language.

(Brian was out of hand tonight. If you have children, elderly, small animals or sensitivities of any kind, don't play this one! Consider yourself warned...)

Show highlights:

1:20 - Comic books, action figures. Addiction. David and Brian confess their lifelong habits and hobbies.

3:00 - Dork culture - when it's your identity. Nerd culture is in vogue. Are nerdy men, in fact, men?

5:00 - Money spent on yourself. The power of a decision and commitment.

7:50 - "Hot Heathers" - does the wife feel like he's not taking care of business at home? Is she raising another child?

9:00 - Cautionary tale - don't be like Bradley. Don't let your wife take care of business that YOU should be taking care of.

11:00 - Napoleon Hill - the mystery of sex transmutation. Man's greatest desire is to please woman. Men are being robbed of this key motivation today.

13:00 - Article - "The future of men and...

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