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Cause of death: Female

Aug 23, 2019



Death by Female. That's the tongue-in-cheek phrase I've adopted to describe the type of man who tends to read my newsletters.

Hey, it's David.

Here's the scenario that we all know so well:

Somehow, someway, somewhere along the way you've been made aware that things aren't right. She's not happy. She's doesn't talk to you or look at you like before.

Her cold, dismissive and often disrespectful attitude toward you feels like a daily dagger in the gut.

The new friends, new tattoo, new smoking habit, new social calendar, and missing wedding rings are just a few of the clues jacking with your confidence.

Then she utters, I think we need time apart. I need space. Maybe we're not right for each other. (you can add on your own favorites).

Why do so many men (I raise my hand) live their lives so focused on doing what's needed to keep others happy without really taking care of ourselves?

Why do we blindly keep our nose on the grindstone, providing money, support and...

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When she wants to be anywhere else

Aug 21, 2019



Sometimes we all need to getaway.

Hey, it's David.

Does your wife or girlfriend sometimes act like she would rather be anywhere on this planet but with you?

Does this get under your skin and make you boiling mad?

Do you feel hurt, unappreciated, and ignored?

Let's talk about how men and women feel the PRESSURE to get away.

Let's talk about how we can reduce the pressure and create an environment where softness, relaxation, and closer INTIMACY is possible.

It's that constant aggressive, loud, nagging, disappointed, disapproving, urgent pressure to do something you're not doing or to be someone you're not being. They are "just trying to help" or "just trying to see if you care."

It feels awful, and there's just no amount of "communication" that's going to fix it in the moment. All you can do is try to ESCAPE it.

Yeah, that.

That's precisely how some women feel when we are "just being the way we are."

Why do some guys apply a similar kind of pressure to women?


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What does "Alpha" really mean anyway?

Aug 19, 2019



My business, my blog, and my entire online presences are called "The Alpha Shift."

You read that and think this guy thinks he knows how we can all be "Alpha Males" or some such thing like that.

I suppose. I'm trying. But as I grow and evolve, as I'm always doing, the definition of that changes.

We took the term from nature. For instance, the alpha male of a wolf pack is stronger than the other males and mates with most of the females.

He is strong. His genes are desirable. And we try to juxtapose these values onto human relationships. We want to be the alpha male in of own worlds so our wives girlfriends and everyone else will value us above all others. They'll want to have our children not some else's.

Here's what it has come to mean to me:

It's the picture above.

It's the man who can go into the mountains and kill his food, carry it home with blood dripping from his hands, abundantly feed and provide for his family, then make love to his woman.


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"Sorry honey, I have more respect for myself than that."

Aug 17, 2019



Famous American actress Kristen Bell is a real bitch.

Sarah Marshall, Veronica Mars, and the voice of Princess Anna from Disney's "Frozen" has depression issues and a tendency to "fight badly", slam doors, and leave the house when she gets into fights with her husband.

This is all by her own account. I'm not making it up, and no one else is accusing her.

In this video, I want you to listen to how Bell describes her actor husband, Dax Shepard and how he handled this tendency to "fight badly."

Take a look:

He simply told her, "I have more respect for myself than that, and that's just not going to happen."

And he didn't care if that meant losing her or not.

This is a guy who knows what he wants and when he's willing to take a stand. He won't accept toxic fighting, plain and simple.

What a great example of how owning your shit and being strong looks.

And Kristen said in the interview how HOT it was that he wouldn't take her shit.

The truth is indeed found in reality....

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Dopamine, heroine, women and YOU

Aug 16, 2019



"If you don't know what you want, you end up with a lot you don't." ~ Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club)

In life, business, and relationships, failure usually comes due to the inability to answer one simple question:

"What do you want?"

Knowing the answer clearly and concisely can be the difference between a guy wallowing in limbo for years and a guy who quickly and consciously moves forward.

I know because I've experienced both.

And for today's newsletter, I'm not talking about when you've got a menu in your hand, and the waitress says, "Do you know what you want?"

If you can't even figure out what you want for lunch, go ahead and slap yourself.

What I'm talking about is the utter lack of vision that results in a guy who is facing an ongoing, disinterested, icy chill from his wife.

Whenever we ask a guy like that, "Do you know what you want?" he answers quickly:

I'm tired of her ignoring me.
I'm sick of feeling like her last priority.
I'm don't want to live...

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His manly attitude drives her INSANE

Jul 15, 2019



Power always wins.

Confidence always wins.

Masculine presence always wins.

Do not listen when women say they want a sensitive enlightened guy.

Don't listen to the nonsense about masculinity being toxic.

The world has gone batshit crazy.

That doesn't mean you have to.

I'm sharing with you today a post that a woman posted on Reddit. It's about the guy she in a long term relationship with.

Here it is. Let's take a look, and then I'll comment:


When I first started dating my guy, he was this sensitive hippie chef who wooed me with French toast and Ben Harper playing from his broken TV. I was 18 and tired of the hyper-masculine BS that then dudes around me were trying to fake. He was exactly what I wanted, which was an artist just manly enough to pin me against a wall and make me feel safe.

Now, 9 years later, he's a rough and gruff manly man. He's so sure of himself and his ability to do damn near anything. He has this "sure, I can do that"...

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How she's robbing you of your POWER...

Jul 10, 2019



Thoughtful, enlightened men that we are these days, we care entirely too much what women think.

And in doing so, we literally abdicate ALL of our power.

So what do I mean by power?

I'm talking about the kind of power a man needs to CREATE ATTRACTION.

The kind of power a man needs to LEAD others to places of emotional safety, respect, and passion.

The kind of power a man requires to meet the woman of his dreams or stay married to her.

You can't do that when you're always second-guessing yourself, worried about what she'll think.

It's often said that "He who cares the LEAST, has the most power in a relationship."

I would say it like this:

"He who cannot care less about what she thinks of him has the most power over himself."

It is the lack of power over himself that is the very source of his inabilities to attract, inspire, lead, or seduce the woman in his life or those he wants in his life.

This power is NOT about caring less about HER, it's about caring less...

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The Lion and the Lion Tamer

Jul 01, 2019



There is a big push today in the cultural zeitgeist for men and women to become "conscious" about their intimate relationships. Men want to be more vulnerable, women want a man who can hold space for all of her, the good the bad and the ugly. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Honestly, I think this is good and does have its place.


... It would seem in many circles, men have become too "soft," and women have become too "wild."

The balance is off.

Before you get too carried away finding your wings, being conscious and authentic and all of that, I need to remind you never to forget your roots:

You're an animal.

When it comes to your sexuality (and hers), you have to remember that you are an animal and subject to the base instincts of an animal.

You are an animal that operates according to inbuilt biology. Yes, society tempers that, but it's there.

And if you're an animal, your wife (or girlfriend, partner or whatever) must be too.

That means your kids are animals, and...

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The answer: why good women get turned off...

Jun 28, 2019



There is a very specific reason that women lose attraction for men.

Have you ever started dating your dream girl? I mean, you hit the home run this time. She's beautiful and cool. Sexy and yet down to earth. She even bought you that Mike Trout rookie card for your birthday that you really wanted.

She's awesome!

And then...

She starts backing off. At first, it's just a little and then more and more. And then the talk. I need space. We need some time apart. I need to figure myself out.

...Ahh, shit.

Here's an email I recieved from a young kid named Josh whow just went through this:


My girlfriend and I are taking space from each other right now, and I would love to hear some words of advice and your opinion on our matter.

We have been together for a year and a half now, and we go to the same University. We see each other a lot, (after talking about it, I came to realize it was too much), and we were very loving, caring, and affectionate until...

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Pursue excellence, not women

Jun 19, 2019



As men, our obsession with sex is our weakness.

It is the single most powerful cause of ruination in our lives.

Think about it:

How many bad decisions have we made to get or keep access to a woman's vagina?

And let me give you one point of clarification:

Sex isn't just about penis in vagina, pumping back and forth - it's the polarity of masculine and feminine energy and the satisfaction and validation we get from that.

...And yes, also the intimacy and the penis in vagina sex.

Married men compromise and become cowards, afraid of meeting with their wives disapproval.

Single men endlessly swipe right, go to clubs and plot and plan to "get" a woman because somehow this prize he thinks will make him happy.

...They waste time that could be much better spent building their life mission and career because their desire is so strong.

Look, at the DNA level, we are designed to find young nubile feminine women with a great hip to waist ratio who are healthy and strong...

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