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The Alpha Shift Podcast Episode 002: A "Tale Of Two Lives..."

Sep 22, 2019




Welcome to the latest episode of The Alpha Shift!

Featuring David Krueger and Don Kowalewski.

David and Don met 28 years ago pledging a fraternity at Michigan State University.

This episode is two men the same age who have known each other their entire adult lives.

...Yet their lives took interesting and different courses.

Your humble host David had fun and calamity in his personal life, as you all know.

Don married his college sweetheart and has been married 22 years. He has three beautiful kids, three cars, a crushing mortgage, and a dog he doesn't even like.

In this episode the hosts realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Show highlights include:

* Life paths are different but one is not necessarily wrong.
* Sometimes a man finds the right compatible girl and gets lucky.
* A woman is attracted to who you are when you meet her. Too often we become someone else - someone who hides in the basement and stops courting her.
* Having...

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Revealed: The Secret To My Success...

Sep 19, 2019



My very special club is called The Global Information Network, GIN for short.

We've got members in 120 countries.

I fact I'm heading to Germany next month to spend some time with friends.

What is GIN?

This club is for people who want more out of life, have aspirations, goals, and dreams.

GIN has redefined collaborative community.

We are the leading successful living membership club of cause and purpose-driven people who understand that the power of community creates opportunity, energy, and purpose.

Our promise is to inspire, uplift, and serve while equipping our members with the entrepreneurial mindset and practical tools needed to live successful lives, as each defines success.

Through online and in-person education and training, impactful events, business networking opportunities, experiential travel, courses and workshops, publications, mentoring and more, our members manifest their fullest personal, professional and philanthropic selves.

If not for the support...

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How to open up a shutdown woman

Sep 19, 2019



"She spends so much time in her room, not engaging with me or the kids, how can I help her to reconnect with us?"

Hey, it's David.

It's a common issue when a relationship is under pressure, maybe there's a tension or a tentativeness that's crept into your connection and suddenly all those thoughts that strike fear into your heart and put a knot in your gut start racing through your brain. Thoughts like:

Why is she upset with me?

Is she planning to leave me?

Does she find me attractive anymore?

Is there someone else?

What if she doesn't love me anymore?

What if this means the relationship will end?

How would this affect the kids?

What will my friends and family think?

What if I can't save this relationship?

It's at this point that we, as men, engage everything we've learned and bring it to this, the most important part of our life.

We've never encountered a problem that we couldn't fix before so with the right tools and application, the right focus and...

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The Alpha Shift Podcast Episode 001: "Making Better Men"

Sep 15, 2019



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Featuring David Krueger and Brian Krueger.

Welcome to Alpha Shift. It is a movement...

In this inaugural edition of The Alpha Shift Podcast, David and his brother (from the same mother) discuss taking full responsibility for our lives, how we are on the side of women, and what we think has gone wrong for men (and women) in these interesting times we live in.


* The Elusive American Husband. Where have all the good men gone? Changing gender norms are leaving men adrift and women lonely and alone. The new rules aren't working.

* Hasbro Toy Company goes full on "woke" with the introduction of Ms. Monopoly. The game is actually extremely insulting to girls as it gives them an unfair (and unnecessary advantage over boys). Also sends message to young boys that they are less important. WTF?

* "Man...

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"I need space."

Sep 06, 2019



This article is about the PRESSURE she feels and the distinction between the BAD pressure you must stop and the GOOD pressure you must start.

Hey, it's David.

The three words that make your neck hairs stand up and your gut tighten into nauseous knots are...

"I need space!"

Even if you wind up divorced, you must understand the difference and become a master of applying GOOD pressure - everywhere in your life.

Let me explain this in straightforward terms:

BAD Pressure = Desperate, sad, nervous, and needy pursuit of affirmation.

When it comes to a woman declaring her need for can't analyze it or change it. When she says "I'm not feeling romantic love for you anymore" can't argue about it or negotiate it. So, don't even try. That's BAD pressure.

I've said it before; genuine desire can never be negotiated.

Even though she may not know exactly what the hell she means by this, it's her emotional truth. She didn't choose to feel like this...she just...

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Are you friends with your ex?

Aug 31, 2019



Are you "friends" with your ex-girlfriend?

Hey, it's David.

Maybe your ex suggested it would be a good idea to be friends...

...or maybe you think it's "better than nothing" if the alternative is losing her forever.


Being friends with your ex is actually almost always a bad idea and a recipe for additional (and unnecessary) heartache.

That's especially true if you want to get your ex back, but it's even true if you're ready to move on and don't want to get back together.

And although the "friend zone" is a terrible place to be with your ex, so many people fall for this trap because it's such a tempting idea.

I mean, your ex is giving you an option that allows you to maintain contact with the person you've loved for some time and, in theory, this will allow you to move on gently and slowly without the intense feelings of loneliness that often accompany a breakup.

After all, if you can slowly wean yourself off those romantic feelings rather than going...

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5 Signs of a High-Quality Woman

Aug 29, 2019



Can you be ruthlessly picky enough to hold out for a good one?

Hey, it's David.

If you are not picking carefully and selecting a high-quality woman at the outset of a relationship, nothing else you do through the course of your interaction will matter.

Many a man has lived in misery because he found an empowered woman who was brought up always to put herself first and has no interest in giving or in being pleasant or feminine.

I have a wonderful video to share with you today.

Georgia Free is a prolific Youtuber who speaks out about the deceptions of feminism and how women are being robbed of their happiness.

Whenever I can, I like to highlight this sensitive subject with the voices of strong, intelligent women who are speaking out behalf of women.

See what I did there?

...That's my slick way of dodging being called a misogynist.

In brief, a high-quality woman:

1. Doesn't bring politics into a relationship. Your relationship isn't political and should not be...

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Femininity is a woman's superpower

Aug 27, 2019



I have a powerful guest article for you guys. It's called "Femininity is a Woman's Superpower." It's written by a good friend of mine, relationship coach Andre Paradis.

Some of you may remember I was a guest on his podcast a few months ago.

Andre demystifies communication between men and women, and he's particularly good at helping over masculinized women find their femininity again.

In the article, he also draws quotes from another good friend of mine, dating coach and mentor for men, Adam Gilad. There is a lot of gold in this.

Andre and his wife Nancy espouse the dance between the masculine and the feminine better than any two people I personally know. I would encourage you to check them out - link below.

When you read this article, you'll understand why so many women turn you right the hell off.

You'll also understand what that "thing" is in women that you yearn for and don't seem to find.

Read this a few times. Share it with women that you love.


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How to be great in bed

Aug 26, 2019



Would the last woman you dated say you were the best lover she had ever been with?

Hey, it's David.

Let me tell you something - your woman's sexual satisfaction matters. She DOES keep score.

And if you leave her wanting, sooner or later, she's going to be looking around.

You want to know how to "bring her the ruckus" so to speak. Here are a few reasons just for you to consider:

1. It's way more fun.

I don't know a guy who doesn't love getting women off, feeling her go crazy with desire, making her completely lose control, leave her spent and shaking when you're done.

2. It builds connection, loyalty, and... love

If you want to eventually turn this entire "meeting women" thing into a real relationship, then you must know that one of the things that makes a woman say to herself, "this guy just might be the one!" is being able to rock her world in bed.

Women love to be able to tell their friends:

"The first time we made love I knew this guy was special... he did...

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It's my birthday, and I have a gift for YOU

Aug 23, 2019



The Alpha Shift is 50% off TODAY ONLY.

Hey, It's David.

So it's my birthday. I'm a Virgo. Leo if you go by Vedic Astrology (which I feel is more accurate).

I feel younger than I've felt in a long time. I'm in better shape than I've ever been.

The best is still to come.

And to celebrate I'm doing something I NEVER do - and it's only until midnight tonight...

I'm taking 50.00 off the price of The Alpha Shift.

Until midnight it's only 47.00.

This is my signature course. It will help you to:

* Increase your influence with women, virtually making them fall in love with you at will.
* Generate attraction instantly without having to rely on lame pickup lines and "openers."
* Get out of the dreaded "Friendzone" and turn a casual friend or co-worker into a devoted lover.
* Get your ex-girlfriend or wife back and make sure she never leaves again.
* How to cure your "dead bedroom" and get her craving your touch once again.

"This course literally saved my marriage by...

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