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Episode 009: The Anxiety Epidemic And How To Rise Above It

Dec 15, 2019



Alpha Shift Radio Episode 009: The Anxiety Epidemic And How To Rise Above It

This week we address the modern epidemic of rampant anxiety, and how it affects children, adults, and relationships.

We then go into your own personal power and some things you can do to counteract the anxiety in your life and take control to have the life that you want!

2:30 - where the Alpha Shift started and where it needs to go. Mission and growth are everything.

(Alpha, then shift..)

We evolve together.

4:00 - when David rode with the four horsemen of the apocalypse (and David and Don get great feedback on the podcast).

5:45 - Angst - the Documentary. What does anxiety disorder look like? Fight or flight response.

10:30 - AP news college students seeking mental help and cannot be served.

14:30 - The only way is for people to take 100% responsibility for their own mental health. Meditate, think right, to get support, take charge.

16:25 - You can't eliminate darkness; you can...

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Stop talking. Just stop.

Dec 02, 2019



"Shut the f*ck up" is probably the best single bit of advice you will ever receive.

Hey, it's David.

Guys are usually raring to do something...anything... when their wife starts acting a little squirrelly and wanting some space and independence.

And when it comes to a certain question, I always get resistance until the guy actually implements the advice.

What's the question?

How in the world can I get her back if I don't talk to her?!?!

The problem is always the same.

He wants MUCH more than just to "talk to her."

He wants to know every single thought she has. He wants an explanation for every little reaction. He wants clear and specific instructions on exactly what he needs to do NOW in order to get things back in order.

Not tomorrow. Right now, dammit.

My immediate advice is to breathe - very deeply - about 10 times.

The next 5 steps are:

1. Release the drag and let some line out. (immediately stop the fight)
2. Listen more than you talk...even if she isn't...

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"Saving The Marriage AFTER The Divorce" - Alpha Shift Radio Ep. 008

Nov 30, 2019



This week's very special episode of Alpha Shift Radio is what The Alpha shift is all about!

Today we bring you something that is virtually a miracle...

A good friend of mine recovered from the adversity that we all face in life and did something few have ever done:

Put his marriage back together AFTER his divorce.

Hugh and Sandra, facing the challenges that we all face in lifelong partnerships divorced after 20 years of marriage.

What makes this story unique and inspiring is how Hugh took 100% responsibility for his situation and took the DARE from life and from the universe to step forward and succeed where he had previously failed.

He snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, found enormous financial success, and became the best version of himself.

Once that happened everything in his life fell back into place, his wife fell back in love with him, and five years after the divorce, they remarried.

Gentlemen, wouldn't we all like to be a little more like Hugh?...

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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Surprise!

Nov 28, 2019



The Alpha Shift is 50% off for Black Friday - I would advise you to move on this NOW.

Hey, it's David.

Men like us have a lot to be thankful for. For those of you in the US, I hope you spend this holiday with your loved ones and had a chance to reflect on everything that you have to be grateful for in this life.

I hope you had a few too many beers, and the tryptophan from the turkey has you passing out of the couch.

And I hope you're on track to make all of your dreams come true in your life.

As we all know, right after our day of thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping rush starts, and the super-duper black Friday deals are advertised all around town and flood our email inboxes.

If you have kids, you probably have Christmas wish lists for Santa already in hand.

If you have a wife or significant other, well, you already probably know better than to come up empty-handed over the holidays. One thing is for sure; holiday shopping gets expensive.

Good luck out there....

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Only SEXUAL men get the girls

Nov 28, 2019



Some guys who know nothing of seduction always score. WTF?

Hey, it's David.

There once was a young man who studied all the great seduction techniques.

"If she does this..." he said, "I will do this." He memorized the interest signals and was stuffed with philosophies.

Yet, he noticed that guys who did know nothing of seduction scored left and right. How did they do it?

Also, he faced a big problem. Talking to a woman normally, he was okay with. Talking to her with a sexual outcome made him feel guilty and dirty.

He knew to be desireless was keeping him from being desperate, but it wasn't getting him, women. In fact, it seemed that those guys desiring the women would have their desire reflected back.

Then it hit him, "Only the Sexual Ones get the girls."

"I don't get it! Help me, Captain Alpha!"

Captain Alpha magically appeared and whisked the young man off through time and space to the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. The young man sat and watched Captain Alpha...

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"Creating Your Reality" - Alpha Shift Radio Ep. 007

Nov 22, 2019



Alpha Shift Radio

Podcast Episode 007: "Creating Your Reality"

Building on last week's episode "The Secrets of Success," David and Don discuss techniques to clear out blockages and how to, on day by day basis, do the things required to create the life you desire and BE HAPPY.

Highlights include:

* Subconscious rewiring. How to reprogram the mind to eliminate subconscious blocks.

* Self Talk has power. If you tell yourself you suck, you're fat, you're not Brad Pitt, then you will suck, will stay fat, and you can't LOOK like brad pit, but you can get in shape like him, smell like him.

* Demonstration and discussion - breathing technique and mental auto-suggestion. How to clear out the blocks that hold you back. GOLDEN.

* Success is not magic - it is something you do, or you don't do. It is predictable - if you do the right things consistently.

* "Until" factor article by Bob McCurdy

* It's...

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Alpha Shift Radio Episode 006: The Secrets To Success

Nov 14, 2019



Show Notes:

In this episode, David and Don discuss the real secret behind personal success and making changes in one's life.

David discusses his recent trip to Germany and the event at which he masterminded and gave a talk to several of his Global Information Network brothers and sisters.

David has turned his life around using the system that The Global Information Network (GIN) has given him.

That system is this:

1. Audios. Listen to positive inspiring audios every single day. At least an hour a day, more is better.
2. Read books. Even as little as a page a day will do. Audio and reading engage different parts of your brain and both are essential on a daily basis.
3. Attend live events. You must attend events as often as is humanly possible. Big stage events as well as smaller gatherings. It's important to get in the physical company of like-minded people who are going in the same direction that you are in life. The support you give and receive and the...

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Be a MAN and respect attends to itself

Nov 04, 2019



A servant you'll be, and a friend she'll see...

Hey, it's David.

There once was a Nice Guy who thought he had it made. He and his girl were finally boyfriend and girlfriend - the hard, awkward early moments finally gone. Everything was good! Except...

"I am hungry" (are they not always hungry!?). "Fetch me lunch."

Poor young man! He had enough wisdom not to do this earlier, but now, he told himself, "She is my girlfriend. I must make her happy!"

He brought her lunch. After feeding her face, was she satisfied? NO! For she said, "I need to do this and this at work today. It would be wonderful if you would go get the supplies for me."

And off the Nice Guy went! And when he returned, there was another task. Poor Nice Guy! On and on it went! More tasks, more chores, he became wrapped around her finger.

Then, it happened: "I think we should just be friends," she said.

The Nice Guy was devastated. But also, he was puzzled. He did everything he could to please her,...

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Why some men are the PRIZE (and others are not)

Oct 31, 2019



Are you acting like a beggar, when you should be the prize? If so, there's a good reason...

Hey, it's David.

Got a hard life lesson to share today. Let me tell you a little story (with Captain Alpha's help):

There once was this guy...

He was good looking and single and on the prowl for a girlfriend. Oh, he wanted a fine feminine thing to complete him.

He approached many girls and did everything he could to WIN them. He failed miserably.

With one girl, he brought flowers. With another girl, he brought her gifts. Yet, with another girl, he brought her candy.

In conversations, he would be agreeable to everything she said. In matters of planning, he would reschedule anything and everything on her whim. The women would become his sun with his entire life merely orbiting them.

But the poor guy kept crashing and burning.

"It is because they don't know how good you are," older women and friends said.

Yet, the guy noticed a pattern in his crash and burns. "The only...

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Do you have the guts to follow your gut?!

Oct 28, 2019



It takes courage to stop thinking so much and follow your inner knowing.

Hey, it's David.

There once was a regular guy...

A woman was crushing on him badly, and the guy was bewildered and stunned for this was unfamiliar ground for him. He was now wise enough to have patience...

...After all he reads the Alpha Shift blog on a daily basis and heeds the lesson in the Captain Alpha stories.


She would get close to him. Her eyes would shine like stars. She would make jokes about kisses and kissing. He felt the urge to kiss her but denied it.

Eventually, the iron grew cold. The woman became disinterested. She moved on.

"Oh, dear," the guy realized. "I should have kissed her. I have been following philosophies and not being myself. I should follow my inner nature, and...

"Trust the gut." Say's the image of Captain Alpha, who just conveniently appeared in his head (no one else can see him).

"How do you trust the gut?" asked the young man.

Captain Alpha showed...

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