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A time of TREMENDOUS opportunity

Mar 25, 2020



This time at home could be an incubator for a better you.

Hey, it's David.

A lot of people are pissed off being under "house arrest" waiting for this Covid-19 thing to blow over.

Frankly, I see it as an opportunity. I'm using it as an opportunity to dig into projects (many are Alpha Shift related) that I've been behind on and get them DONE. I'm getting much closer to my goals as a result of this unplanned interruption.

I'm seeing this as a blessing.

I invite you to do the same.

Journal. Meditate. Re-evaluate what the hell you are doing on this planet.

This is a powerful opportunity - take it.

And if I may humbly make a suggestion:

I've marked my 7-part Video Masterclass, The Alpha Shift down more than 60%!!!

I'm calling it the quarantine special.

I don't want there to be ANY barrier to you guys getting the information that you need.

It's always time and money.

Well - you've got time. Most businesses are closed and the vast majority of people are working from...

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What do you do when the sh*t hits the fan?

Mar 23, 2020



There will come a time in almost every man's life where "all else" will fail. What do you do then?

Hey, It's David.

Seriously, when everything goes wrong, what is a guy to do?

...You stick to your blueprint or your design: which should always be based on who you are.

But of course, you must know who you are.

All else failing could be your job that you've been on for 5 years firing you all of a sudden. Of course, this could trigger a lot of panic or anxiety in your life.

Or it could be something like a worldwide flu pandemic that brings the entire world to a halt. You know, something like that...

The kind of changes you make in response to all else failing needs to be changes that are in alignment with your life purpose and who you're becoming and not a panic reaction.

This is key because sh*t happens! Sh*t's always happening in life. And when it does, many of us are responding based on the cues we get from others instead of following our gut instincts.


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How to stay safe from Coronavirus

Mar 16, 2020



With no current vaccine to combat every Coronavirus mutation, it is no wonder people around the world and even the World Health Organization ( WHO) are getting worried.

Hey, it's David.

OK, here we are. A worldwide "pandemic" has everyone gripped in fear. Most businesses are closed as we all sit in our homes afraid to interact with each other while we wait this thing out.

Everyone is so worried that they'll get a whiff of this contagion and poof, they're goners.

Turn the news on and you will see constant updates on how the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) has quickly spread throughout the world.

Personally, I think we are overreacting. But many of you are VERY concerned.

So, in the spirit of giving you all of the resources you need to remain vigilant and confident through this challenge...

We have created the ultimate guide to Surviving the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak.

Packed full of researched data, this guide helps you cut through the piles of misinformation and...

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How to be as cool as Steve McQueen (Podcast Ep. 019)

Mar 15, 2020



Get your free eBook, "How To Never Get Dumped Or Cheated On Again":

Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 019:

"The Steve Factor"

David and Don are under siege in The Alpha Shift bunker being stalked by a virus that menaces the world.

We make a promise to you now that we will continue to broadcast down to the last man - even if we're the last survivors in the world. Future generations of humanity will desperately need to know how to be better men so this does not happen to them!

With that out of the way...

The subject of this week's show is The "Steve" Factor.

About 20 years ago this great indie film came out called "The Tao Of Steve."

Dex, the main character is an overweight, 30-year-old part-time kindergarten teacher, and he's at actually a master at seducing hot women.

He calls it the Tao of Steve because it combines Taoism and the traits of 3 famous Steve's who women find fascinating and irresistible:

Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar...

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Episode 018 - The Myth Of "The One"

Mar 12, 2020



Free eBook, "How To Never Get Dumped Or Cheated On Again":

Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 018: "The Myth Of The One"

In this week's episode, David and Don take on the incredibly destructive belief in the myth of the "soulmate" and the notion that there is one perfect person out there for you.

...And when this person comes into your life, a chorus of angels will sing and a pink unicorn will fly over shitting rainbows.

Let me tell you something:

The quality of your partners and the quality of your relationships directly reflect the quality of the person you bring to the table (YOU)...

In this episode:

* Don't be the guy who's given up. That's why she doesn't respond to you.
* Happiness and love are possible when you are set up to win. Not because of mysticism and nonsense.
* Winning component of a successful marriage.
* Why an attitude of giving must be present from BOTH partners.
* David is taken apart by the numerological numbers and his...

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Know thyself

Mar 12, 2020



Success, prosperity, and happiness in a man's life will be heavily based on how well you know yourself and the actions you take with what you know.

Hey, it's David.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have a real good grip on who we are and what we're here to do, which allows us to do the things that 1) we're really good at and 2) that we actually enjoy doing. But there are many men out there who are unhappy in life almost entirely because they followed everyone else's recommendation on what to do with their lives and who to be.

Sounds familiar?

Well, that's the plight of most men in America today. There are predetermined boxes of manhood and masculinity and society wants us to choose a box, get in it and shut up.

In our boyish stages, we can follow along and even pretend to be someone we're not, but as we get more mature, our life will begin to demand authenticity from us to be happy. And that's where a lot of men realize the lie they're living.

How can you be...

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The "Steve" Factor

Mar 02, 2020



I just did a great interview with a smart fun woman, Michelle Forsythe who gave Don and I a TON of insights into the female mind and attraction.

You can listen/watch that Alpha Shift Radio episode here.

 In the interview, she mentions the "Steve" factor. She knew a guy named Steve who was magnetic, confident and fun to be around.  She suggests that it is a state all men should aspire to.

I agree.

In fact, coincidentally it reminded me of that old movie, "The Tao of Steve".

It was more than just a typical dumb romantic comedy. In fact, it contains nuggets of PURE GOLD for men.


"When you're with a pretty girl better keep your heart at bay Just be excellent in front of her and then you pull away"

~ Tao Of Steve Theme Song


Dex, the main character is an overweight, 30-year-old part-time kindergarten teacher, and he's at actually a master at seducing hot women.

He calls it the Tao of Steve because it combines Taoism and the traits...

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Episode 017: Secrets on Dating and Men: From A Woman's Perspective...

Mar 02, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 017:

Secrets on Dating and Men: From A Woman's Perspective...

Hey, it's David,

In this really fun episode Don and I interview Michelle Forsythe, a schoolteacher and health coach from Appleton Wisconsin. She recently married and old college friend of ours, and this girl has it going on. We think our friend Pet is lucky to have her.

Michelle reached out to me a while back and told me how much she admired The Alpha shift and its missions. She said she would love to come on the show and share some of her dating insights and experiences in hopes it would add value for our listeners.

I immediately took her up on it and put a date in the books. This interview was dynamite. We had a lot of fun.

Michelle delivered a ton of value, lots of golden nuggets of wisdom. I'm not going to trouble with a minute by minute breakdown, I want you to listen to the whole episode.

Highlights include:

* Why it's important to have a plan when you go out on a...

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The myth of "the one"

Feb 27, 2020



OK, this one's gonna hurt...

Hey, it's David.

Men and women both often succumb to a life of dating and relationship mediocrity and misery because they have bought into the myth of "The One" perfect person who is the embodiment of the... be all end all perfect lover for them.

People obsess over "The One" that got away; or that person who they perceive as being "The One" and ignore the fact that that person is unavailable or uninterested. Men and women both often become fixated on a person who they have no chance with, because they believe that patience and persistence will eventually pay off like it does in all of the movies, and TV programs that they watch.

In reality, all it does is keep them from the love that they deserve and which is waiting for them, if they would simply just let go and open themselves up to the possibility that there really is someone who is a better match; and who feels the same way.

Many new guys who I start working with, often are...

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The Power of Your Mission

Feb 20, 2020



All women love a man who has a mission in life. All of them.

Hey, it's David.

When I was younger, I thought my passion in life was to go into space.

I thought I was going to grow up and be an astronaut.

Probably because I saw Star Wars too many times.

But I had a taste of what that would entail when I got shipped off to Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama one summer.

It became very clear that I had about a tenth of the aptitude in math and science that it would take to become an astronaut. Also, I wore glasses. So much for that dream.

Know thyself. It's important to take a good look at yourself, and know what your talents and aptitudes are.

I'm going to put some great stuff on the upcoming resources page for self-analysis. When you know who you are and what makes you tick, you'll stop wasting your time on everything that you aren't.

Me personally? My passion is information and education - sharing what I know to enrich others.

That's why your reading this...

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