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Life Is Sales - Are You Getting The Job Done in Your Life?

Jan 20, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio Episode 014

Life, Love, and romance are all SALES

You are always in sales. It's all sales.

3:00 - In building relationships you are selling yourself. What if you looked at it more like a game and add real value.

5:30 - Selling yourself to your wife is not manipulation.

7:30 - Small example - how do you treat service people - get better

8:45 - They are buying YOU

11:00 - You must keep selling YOURSELF. You are not entitled.

14:30 - What you get excited about. That's where your genius is.

20:30 - Don presents his four tab spreadsheet that he created to keep in front of his clients and his life.

Don's Spreadsheet here.

32:20 - You can't be everyone's favorite guy. Get over it.

33:30 - Always be closing - always be committed - always be giving VALUE.


Segment 2:

36:45 - Alpha Shift After Dark - are you getting the job done in the bedroom? Common complaint from women - mend are self-centered unaware lame lovers.

40:00 - constantly...

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Does she want looks or personality?

Jan 15, 2020

Which one should you focus on? Let me answer that...

Hey, it's David.

As guys, we love to make fun of women in how they always hold some clothing up and ask, "Do you think I'd look fat in this?"

Of course, in that instance, you only have three options:

A) Oh yeah! You'd be a bloated whale!

B) No, of course not ["You're just saying that to make me feel better!"] Of course not honey. ["Liar! You think I'm fat!"]

C) Proceed to bang your head against the wall.

Women spend all day 'putting on their faces' (as if they were born without one). They waste countless hours shopping for the 'perfect' dress, reading countless magazines for 'fashion tips,' etc. We make fun of them, mock them for it.

But women are obsessed with beauty because of us. It is our fault.

After all, if a woman could cure all of the diseases, compose symphonies, and write literature, we would only remember her for how she looked.

We, on the other hand, are obsessed with our jobs, our status, and our...

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resource page

Jan 14, 2020

If you are in immediate distress:

Audios you can listen to right now:

please be patieent we are under construction...

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Episode 013: Resources to Create the new YOU

Jan 13, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 013: Resources to Create the new YOU

(And make your dreams come true in 2020)

5:45 - we will start with emotional needs but the resource page will eventually grow.

7:00 - The Alpha Shift will become a real community in 2020.

10:15 - Why do men need support and resources. Article "Why Progressives should stop ignoring men's issues".

15:00 - money won't fix you. You wind FIND something to worry about. The resource page will help you build the man. What has to change is you. Gearing you towards books, audios, resources, meditations.

18:00 - Male suicide statistics. Eye-opening.

22:00 - How can men learn to open up?

26:00 - Letter from a listener - how to get out of a depression, get out of shame and get his wife's respect back?

33:50 - When you don't need her validation - you get it!

35:45 - Men will call you on your shit. You need a group of guys to confide in.

38:20 - Talk to the Alpha Shift. We are your buddy!

39:50 - How can an...

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Episode 012 - Is This The End of Men or a New Beginning?

Jan 08, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio - Episode 012:

The first episode of 2020! Is this the end of men, or a new beginning?

David and Don do the decade in review and then take a look forward...

1:10 review of the new Star Wars movie

9:00 Lesson from the movie - Chicks ALWAYS go for the bad boy! Be Kylo Ren!

13:00 The evolution of online dating shows our changing priorities in life.

14:15 Sharon Stone gets kicked off of Bumble.

17:00 How a woman finds her feminine essence again.

21:00 How a man finds his purpose.

24:00 Our thoughts on New Years resolutions.

26:30 Applying the Kaizen principle to daily resolutions.

27:30 Journaling the year in review - setting New Years INTENTIONS.

31:15 Change is about the US. Not the government or leadership.

38:45 You can create anything you want to create in your life.

41:00 We gotta brings Don's wife in for a guest spot!

43:00 Treating people with respect and making empowering choices. The in-love feeling will ebb and flow. It's normal.


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Women come and go, but YOU are forever

Jan 07, 2020



Why did some guys succeed with women without even trying while other guys fail with women no matter how hard they try?

Hey, it's David.

Why does it seem like the arrogant jerks succeed, and the nice guys always fail?

"Because you're a wimp!" the jerk might tell the nice guy.

And a lot of lazy nice guys like to say, "But I am myself. I will never change for anybody."

When you are confident, outcome independent, and women fall all over you; then you get to say you won't change.

But if you are a pathetic wimp going through life frustrated, I'm going to suggest change is needed.

You see, sweet nice guys, act desperate.

Think about it:

Why would he act as if the women were better than he? Why should he win her, let her win him! Why buy her gifts?

Let her buy him gifts!

So let's say our nice guy gets wise and adopts that mindset...

This new attitude got him all the dates and positive attention from the women that he wanted.

>>>But why did he not adopt that...

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Episode 011 - Curing Nice Guy Syndrome and Depression! Becoming the man who gets respect

Jan 04, 2020



Episode 11: Curing Nice-Guy-Itis and Depression

answering your questions!

2:00 Can a guy be friends with a married woman?

3:40 You are a prize. Don't get hung up on unavailable women.

4:53 Do you want to be her emotional tampon?

Dave is going to do a resource page...

8:10 Is it foolish to try to make a woman happy?

10:30 the critical importance of purpose and direction.

14:10 Do women marry for the wrong reasons? Do they really love you?

16:10 How do you vet a woman?

18:00 Why can't I share my pain with her?

21:00 Why your wife wants to feel your strength.

24:00 you are creating your life every day moment by moment. It comes down to your ability to feel good.

25:30 I'm seeing a trend - a crisis of confidence.

27:30 How women test you.

31:45 A better man is good for everyone.

36:20 How do I stop being depressed and having anxiety?

40:20 I've been single for 11 years, what do I do?

46:00 What women really want from a man.

Resource page:


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Resolutions or Intentions?

Jan 04, 2020




Guest article by Don Kowalewski -

Last night on the Alpha Shift Podcast we talked about New Year's Resolutions. Some love them. Some hate them. We focused on the haters that will tell you stats about how few people ACTUALLY stick to resolutions and the average number of days anyone sticks with a resolution (ie “most people will end their resolution before the end of January and revert to old habits”).

 That’s crap. We (well, Don) LOVE New Year's Resolutions. In fact, Don loves New Week Resolutions, New Month Resolutions, Quarterly Resolutions, Mid-Year Resolutions, and Fourth Quarter Home-Stretch Resolutions?

 Why? It’s a percentage game, first of all. If you make a hundred resolutions and succeed at 10 of them, you’ve done 10 amazing things. If you make a single, all-or-nothing resolution, you’ve got everything riding on a single promise to yourself. That’s scary. It’s like walking on a...

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The real reason your wife has gone COLD

Dec 28, 2019



One of the most common frustrations of married men today is the shortage of sexual desire they receive from their wives.

Hey, it's David.

Men want more sex, but their wives aren't giving it up.

I mean let's be honest, that's really what The Alpha Shift is all about. It's about reestablishing that deep, profound connection that once made you feel alive. That's why men are drawn to my work. And that's what drives men to improve themselves - positive sexual attention from their wives (or from anyone if you're single).

While these men undoubtedly desire the pure pleasure of sex, their dissatisfaction goes to a much deeper psychological space than merely feeling that they're being deprived of a wife-induced orgasm.

Sex is more than merely a physical act or ejaculatory release. Sex has a spiritual component with far-reaching implications for the relationship, particularly as it pertains to maintaining a strong family and vibrant, healthy marriage.

Put simply; sex is...

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Episode 010: Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS

Dec 22, 2019



How To Take Charge of Your Life: Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS

*Please do me a favor and comment below/leave a review/give us a like/hit the notification bell. Let me know what you think, and let me know what questions you have. I want to hear from you!*

Segment 1:

OK, so everything seems to suck. The World is a Shit Show.

Article - Are there no more marriageable men?

Article - Charlize Theron says that she's shockingly single and men not stepping up are to blame

So what do we do pack up and go home?

No, we take charge and create the life that we want.

Segment 2:

It's good to know the score. You can't be oblivious. But know this: whatever you want you can create.

First, you have to take responsibility 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

You can create anything you want. Stop observing what IS and start thinking about what you WANT to create.

Book recommendation: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

So what do we want to...

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