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Why women hate nice guys and love bad boys

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2017

Have you noticed…

Most women like to claim they want the guy who is sensitive, emotional and vulnerable.

Yet, when it comes down to it, they consistently chase after the “bad boy," the guy who is narcissistic, self-absorbed and avoids all forms of intimacy as if they were infectious diseases.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

A woman's dating preference is the ultimate paradox.

The thing is, while women are constantly on the lookout for that super sweet, caring guy who will make a great companion, they’re actually attracted to the guy who ignites passion within them.

Nice guys are just boring.

This contradiction is landing hapless nice guys out in the cold in epic numbers.

I had one woman tell me:

“There's just something so satisfying about taking the jerk home from the bar who's spent most of the night intellectually challenging you in a heated verbal debate.

He needs to be brought down a notch. He's absolutely infuriating! And isn't that so f*cking sexy?”



If you've been going out of your way to be nice and sweet, you are absolutely, categorically, WASTING your time.

What it all comes down to is biology. Women are literally, scientifically geared to want assh*les.

While women claim to want “the nice guy,” They’re genetically hard-wired to want to procreate with the alpha male because he has stronger sperm.

There is an actual "Nice Guy Paradox".

In two studies highlighted in “Sex Roles, A Journal of Research,” by Phyllis A. Katz, the “nice guy paradox” is explored.

This nice guy stereotype contends that women often claim they want a nice guy, a man who is sweet, kind and sensitive, and yet when it comes down to it, she rejects this man for one with "other salient characteristics” like a muscular body or an ultra-strong personality.

Both studies found that “nice” qualities were more desirable for long-term relationships while physical attractiveness prevailed in terms of sexual relationships.

Niceness appeared to be the most salient factor when it came to desirability for more serious relationships, whereas physical attractiveness appeared more important in terms of desirability for more casual, sexual relationships.

My suggestion:

Don’t waste your time being relationship material.

Be that guy she wants to bang.

When it comes to sex, women are more inclined toward the fiery, passionate qualities they attribute to the “bad boy” or the alpha male.

Only when it comes to dating and serious relationships, women claim to want a “nice guy.”

Nice guys are more pliable and make better doormats.

Women say they like to have someone around to whom they can express their feelings, but…

They are VERY sexual creatures, so when it's time to jump in the sack, they want a guy who is going to lay it down.

Gentlemen, you need to decide which of those guys you want to be.

It's sex that ultimately drives a woman into the arms of the alpha assh*le.

Women claim to want serious relationships with good guys, but they end up going for the guy who's no good for them.

And they never learn their lesson.

A study from researchers at Hartpury College in England, of 146 British women, ages 18-24, found that even the most seasoned daters still tended to fall for men who displayed narcissistic qualities.

They can’t help themselves.

Arrogant dicks make them feel alive.

They love the danger.

Don’t believe me?

Read a romance novel.

ANY romance novel.

Strong silent aloof guy shuns woman because of his inner demons, but because of her angelic beauty, he can't resist her.

He seduces her, and she gladly succumbs.

They make mad passionate love.

He is transformed and releases his inner demons because of the transformative power of her love.

That’s the substance of the female fantasy.

They choose jerks because of the danger factor involved in dating guys who are strong and conceited.

They know it's an unhealthy relationship, but instead of running for the hills, they jump on that cock carousel.

The nice guy will never have any of the qualities of the romance novel guy.


No woman wants to be with a man who doesn't know how to assert himself. Whether they admit it or not, they want excitement in their relationships. They want a powerful, aggressive man.

Nice guys are fucking boring.

And the nice are finally getting smart.

More and more men every day are taking the red pill and learning concepts of “game” so they can exhibit the qualities of a strong dominant man and get their needs met in the sexual marketplace.
As well they should.

The truth is, women don't want to be with someone who is all calm seas and clear skies; they crave constant drama.

When it comes to love, they choose the guy who satisfies that desire.

The nice guy sounds good on paper, but he turns out bland in real life.

Women want a project.

Women like to "fix men." A nice guy doesn't need any taming. He's already solid on the homefront.

He isn't intense or severe.

He’s not like the guy in the romance novel.

When a woman is faced with a "bad boy," she automatically finds the challenge to tame him alluring.

His vanity is all at once angering and intoxicating. If she can bring him down to earth, it would be the ultimate accomplishment.

Just like in the damn romance novel.

Her carnal wants will win out every time.

That girl next door that you think is so sweet…

She’s a fucking BEAST.

And she hooks up with bad boys.

Welcome to the Red Pill.



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