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Why pick-up and game SUCK

Uncategorized May 21, 2020



Have you ever learned and practiced pick up techniques?

Hey, it's David.

Game, as developed by pick-up artists is a social tool designed to help men have more success with women.

But what kind of women does it work best with?

Think about it...

It works on women who are playing the same game you are. Extraction. They're trying to get something out of it.

If you are practicing game, you're doing it to get laid. Plain and simple.

The women who respond to game are out to get what they want too.

When you're on a casual date with a girl, you maintain a ledger of what you have given her compared to what you have received. You note how much time and money you spent on her and how good she may be at giving you orgasms in bed. You may also calculate the opportunity cost of being with her versus another woman.

Are you aware that she maintains the exact same ledger?

A girl you're on a date with weighs how much your attractiveness can validate her, how much social status she can withdraw from you, how entertained or happy you can make her feel, and how much emotional and sexual pleasure you can give her. The modern date is really a business negotiation where both participants evaluate the goods they will receive compared to the cost.

The man wants sex badly, the woman kind of wants sex but much prefers the attention, validation, or other freebies, and off they go to the restaurant or bar to "negotiate" under the guise of getting to know each other. You primarily see each other as a resource to be mined, instead of someone who could be your spouse.

The structure of the casual date is, therefore, one of extraction, and extraction primarily leads to the prospect of fornication or fornication itself.

How romantic.

When a girl is ready for fornication or desires men to attempt to fornicate with her as a means to extract pleasure and good feelings, she is highly susceptible to game, which is designed to keep a fallen woman on the hook just long enough so that she opens her legs without commitment.

Game has a failure rate, of course, but it is the most advanced toolset available to sleep with a woman who has decided not to save herself for marriage. You build attraction and curiosity while displaying scarcity. You show that you're not needy. You have stock answers to common questions that make her laugh. You never make her feel guilty for being a promiscuous girl on birth control who may have an abortion or two under her belt.

Most importantly, you imply that sleeping with you is the best deal she can currently make in a life that is otherwise void of meaning.

While you perform the clown dance, she is doing the same but in reverse, using her attractiveness, sensuality, charm, and feminine wiles to amplify the lust you have for her, to the point where you're ready to throw all manner of logic and reason out the door in order for a single act of sex.

Even if you have the best game in the world, a girl will effortlessly have more power than you by doing no more than showing up to the date wearing extra glossy lipstick, and the more you "win" with game by sleeping with many girls, the more you lose because of how deeply you become dependent on physical affections from women who ultimately would not sacrifice the end of a fingernail for your love without expecting the moon in return.

Screw game. Learn how the world works, get awesome and find a woman with character.

Stay dangerous,


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