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Why I do what I do...

david krueger Mar 25, 2018

People sometimes wonder about my motives.

Why is it so important to empower men in love and life?

Why am I so harsh in my urgency to face reality?

Why am I so relentless and unyielding in my exposure of myths, bad female behavior, and the pitfalls facing young guys?

Do you hate women or something? Did someone hurt poor little you?


Number one...

- Of course, I don't hate women. Quite the opposite. I sympathize with their frustration. And I see, plain as day, how they're being set up.

They've been sold a bill of goods just like the directionless effeminate boys that we seem to see everywhere today.

Prediction - in the next few decades, depression and suicides in women will SKYROCKET from their current levels.

When they say the future is female, they may not know what they're in for. CNN could well be littered with headlines like, the girl crisis, what happened to our girls, why have girls turned violent, etc.

A world without willing and eligible men will be ugly.

Number two:

- Yeah, no shit someone hurt me. That's what motivates you to get up and get your ass in gear and do something. In fact, I can't just pin hurt on a few exes, I've traced my hurt all the way back to childhood.

Boo hoo. Mom and dad did the best they could. So did everyone else. Move on.

So why do I do it?

...Because there really is a crisis all around us and I see a REAL NEED.

A need to stem the tide. A need to right the ship.

Men and boys have been left behind as a group. What we're seeing is the largest crop of feminized men in known history.

I don't intend to complain and bemoan about it; I was to fix it.

I know one guy can't fix the whole world, all I can promise is that I'll do my part.

Hell, I look around at the world today, and I barely recognize it.

The cost of not doing anything will be catastrophic to future generations of both men and women.

I got started with the Red Pill (a metaphor for radical truth and honesty)
just based on my own divorce and subsequent experiences and the experiences of people I knew personally.

I searched high and low; I worked on myself for years. And years.

I had some amazing successes with lots of orgasms to go around.

I also had humiliating failures that made me ashamed.

It made me strong.

And I knew I had answers that could help other men.

Now I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is standing up and taking notice.

Today I have something for you to look at and think about:

Tucker Carlson of Fox News did a special every Wednesday through the month of March on the state of masculinity in America. I would strongly suggest you click on the link and watch both videos in the article, both Tucker's intro and his interview with a hero of mine, University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson.

They're only a few minutes long.

These men do a far better job of outlining the problem than I do. Please take a look.

Long live masculinity,


P.S. - I am hard at work on what I intend to be my flagship program. It's going to be an interactive and immersive experience with lots of videos assisting men in making the complete identity shift to an alpha leader.

I intend it to be your secret weapon for success in life.

So many programs that I've seen (and I've seen almost all of them) give a few phrases to say, hoops to jump through, dipshit routines and tricks to try and "get" you something. I'm not interested in that.

I want to help you transform the man you are so that having success and pussy is a natural consequence of just being who you are.

More to come...


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