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Who needs marriage anyway?

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2018


I now advise men to be very wary when considering marriage.

We've lost something significant.

Experts today are saying marriage was always a social construct and maybe marriage and monogamy are not our natural state.

I'll get to that but first, let's look at some numbers:

In 2010 Pew Research reported that Barely half of Americans over the age 18 are married. The number of couples married in 2010 dropped a startling 5 percent from the previous year, and the overall number of married couples has declined by more than 20 percentage points since 1960.

The report showed that Americans are not only getting married less frequently, but they're also doing so later in life. These findings mirror those observed in the UK where researchers found that only 48 percent of adults there were married.

…And this was the most recent study I found before this writing. It's likely declined since then.

Add to that, about 50% of all those marriages are ending in divorce.

And the most shocking number of all:

Women are initiating 80% of all those divorces.

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80 fucking percent.

Take all this in for a moment. Marriage overall is on the decline. Fewer men and women are opting for it, and the ones that do are waiting much longer.

50% of those are ending and divorce, and by a vast majority, it's WOMEN who want to get out at the end.

Western society is in crisis.


Our feminist egalitarian society has destroyed the social mores that once kept marriages and families together as a unit.

If you read Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha you'll find an interesting take on monogamy.

According to this research, monogamy is not natural to the human animal. Our evolutionary survival based biology which has been consistent for the last million years or so has men wanting to spread their seed (sperm) to as many recipients as possible.

Women's evolutionary biology has them looking for the strength and protection of any male who can do the job and to receive sperm from as many of them as possible.

All these impulses are survival impulses to ensure the survival of the species.

They say these underlying urges are the reason that people feel the urge to fuck other people.

These urges are why your wife who has everything and a good provider husband who loves her and desires sex with her gets bored with you.

You did everything a good man is supposed to do, and she left you for some strange guy.

Yes, your wife or girlfriend is biologically programmed to be a slut.

Think about that for a minute.

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Here's a bit of advice: Don't worry as much about taking out the trash as giving her a good fucking.

Women are particularly interesting in this regard. In the last 50 years with the advent of feminism, we've seen a massive liberation of female sexuality. We've given them unbridled choice.

That combined with their powerful sex drives and naturally mercurial moods is leading to a false sense of discontent and unhappiness which has them undoing marriages and dismantling families over, in most cases, nothing more than boredom.

Remember they're pulling the trigger 80% of the time.

There is a lot of advice for men out there. Be social. Be a dominant carefree guy. Be an alpha. Be the greatest lover she's ever had.

That's all great stuff, and it is good to become a better version of yourself FOR YOUR OWN SAKE ONLY, but jumping through hoops to keep a woman?

Fuck this. I'm sounding the alarm. And I'm going to finish this article up with some badly missing common fucking sense...

Firstly, the ladies are bored.

Well, honey, my grandfather used to tell me that only boring people get bored. He was right. Some personal accountability would be appropriate right about now.

You want to lead the boardroom? Great.

Run for president? Good for you.

Do everything a man can do? You go, girl!

No how about this:

How about you put your big girl pants on and take some goddamn responsibility for how you process and respond to your emotions?

I feel like I'm the one sane person in a world gone bat-shit.

If a woman is bored and wants to leave her husband, SHE needs to work that shit out and turn it around.

Men can't save the day themselves.

It takes two to tango.

There I said it. I think I may be the only one who ever said it.

Someone needed to.

Now back to the bat-shit lunacy:

The authors of Sex At Dawn suggest that to save their marriages people consider a polyamorous lifestyle.


Are you kidding me?

Just scratch the itch.

They say marriage is just a social construct anyway and it's unnatural.


I do agree; marriage is a social construct. It doesn't occur in nature (although I would contend that mate pair bonding is common in MANY species).

It's a social construct designed to obligate participating parties to a certain set of commitments and behaviors.

And with that, we built the wealthiest greatest society the world has ever seen.

That was the FAMILY UNIT. That means mothers, father, children - one household. Entire communities of them.

Honest. That's the way it used to be.

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That social construct allowed humans to flourish, to be supported, to not depend on a central authority like government.

Today's millennials have something called "hookup culture." They want everything now and don't want to do the work. No dating, no courtship, just Netflix, and chill.

And if you're a 20-year-old millennial and you're reading this, it's not personal you are the latest generation in a long line leading to this.

Social constructs have their place.

Let me give you another social construct:

The rule of law.

Should we get rid of that too?

I mean, it's doesn't exist in nature. You don't see squirrels giving each other speeding tickets for running up the tree too fast with an acorn.

You don't see the Gazelle pressing murder charges against the lion because it ate her mate for breakfast.

The strong eat the weak. Animals kill other animals. That's instinct. That's natural.

Your primal urge to murder the jackass who cut you off in traffic that's your true primal nature.

That' the caveman in you that wants to pound the other caveman's skull in.

Should we just let loose on that too along with a polyamorous lifestyle to boot?

Maybe along with open marriages, we'll have local gladiatorial arenas where we can avoid the social constructs of court and civility and settle our differences with a mace or an ax.

Just because something is instinct and nature doesn't mean you permit it to dominate. That's how you end up back in the mud. No thanks. I prefer to stay a civilized savage, thank you.

Social constructs are what societies run on.

Marriage and monogamy are staples of western civilization so don't tell me open relationships are the path to anything other than emotional and personal chaos.

End of rant,

P.S. - You know the irony is that I usually advise guys to avoid marriage. Unless having children is your number one objective in life, it's not even worth considering.

That is a sexual and practical survival strategy. It is not an ideal.

Some things will need to change to make marriage a good deal for men again. And who knows?

20 or 30 years down the road when all the western nations are at the level where their populations are dwindling (like present-day Japan) priorities may finally change.

No one likes to go extinct.

And what is it they say, necessity is the mother of invention?

(Men, click here to download my free eBook, "Save Your Marriage Today")


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