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When she wants to be anywhere else

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2019



Sometimes we all need to getaway.

Hey, it's David.

Does your wife or girlfriend sometimes act like she would rather be anywhere on this planet but with you?

Does this get under your skin and make you boiling mad?

Do you feel hurt, unappreciated, and ignored?

Let's talk about how men and women feel the PRESSURE to get away.

Let's talk about how we can reduce the pressure and create an environment where softness, relaxation, and closer INTIMACY is possible.

It's that constant aggressive, loud, nagging, disappointed, disapproving, urgent pressure to do something you're not doing or to be someone you're not being. They are "just trying to help" or "just trying to see if you care."

It feels awful, and there's just no amount of "communication" that's going to fix it in the moment. All you can do is try to ESCAPE it.

Yeah, that.

That's precisely how some women feel when we are "just being the way we are."

Why do some guys apply a similar kind of pressure to women?

Why do we sometimes express a constant nagging energy of impatience, urgency, neediness, anger, criticism, poutiness, disapproval, and/or disappointment?

Sometimes it's just being loud, aggressive, or dominant. Sometimes it just in the way we close the front door!

I can't speak for you, but I can speak for me.

It ALWAYS came from an underlying, insidious insecurity.

Insecurity feels like a nervous inner vibration of self-doubt, inadequacy, and fear of the unknown.

The "cure" to my insecurity - and probably yours - is to directly face those hidden childhood shadows of feeling weak, abandoned, unloved, and dependent on external validation.

I'm talking about intentionally exposing them, talking about them, sharing them, laughing about them, and acknowledging the guilt of hurting others.

It's positively liberating to detach from the grip of unresolved, boyhood crap and starting living in the skin of a cool, calm, confident and self-reliant MAN.

This is where you find out you've been TRYING TOO HARD to get your needs met.

You've been trying to engineer outcomes through your expectations instead of merely creating connection by sharing your secure, healthy masculine value.

When you release your insecure expectations of how others should treat you, you finally RELAX into the security of knowing who you are...and liking that. A lot.

You are everything you need.

Men who are successful in life and weather its storms know this.

Men who seem to have magical powers attracting the women everyone else wants to know this.

The rest of us who struggle have not achieved this. Yet.

Let me help get you started. If you give me a few minutes, I'll show you a video that will cut through the fog, and get you on the right track as a powerful man who needs no one for validation.

Check out the video here.

Let me know what you think.

Stay dangerous,

- DK


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