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What does "Alpha" really mean anyway?

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2019



My business, my blog, and my entire online presences are called "The Alpha Shift."

You read that and think this guy thinks he knows how we can all be "Alpha Males" or some such thing like that.

I suppose. I'm trying. But as I grow and evolve, as I'm always doing, the definition of that changes.

We took the term from nature. For instance, the alpha male of a wolf pack is stronger than the other males and mates with most of the females.

He is strong. His genes are desirable. And we try to juxtapose these values onto human relationships. We want to be the alpha male in of own worlds so our wives girlfriends and everyone else will value us above all others. They'll want to have our children not some else's.

Here's what it has come to mean to me:

It's the picture above.

It's the man who can go into the mountains and kill his food, carry it home with blood dripping from his hands, abundantly feed and provide for his family, then make love to his woman.

ALPHA savagely and ruthlessly protects his family, then dances with his daughter, says I LOVE YOU to his queen and spends time teaching his sons.

ALPHA isn't beating on your chest and being above people; it's being in control of your mind and shining light for others to see.

The picture above embodies ALPHA.

A man giving his heart and soul to his woman. Literally handing her the keys to his universe and trusting she will hold them safely and sacredly.

Submission to the queen isn't WEAKNESS, that's "ALPHA" as fuck. Shedding tears and expressing emotions when holding a baby or watching a subset isn't soft; it's "ALPHA" as fuck.

ALPHA is as connected to his feminine as his masculine. He hardens his hands while softening his heart. He LEADS while mastering the art of FOLLOWING. ALPHA doesn't have an old lady and burden; he has a QUEEN and a best friend.

ALPHA helps his neighbor, opens doors, gives abundantly, and protects the helpless.

A man can posture and scare his way to others submission, but the true ALPHA is a man who LISTENS. A man who HEARS what God says and acts upon the dictates of the HEART, not the pride and scarcity of ego.

ALPHA embraces both light and dark and uses both to create stability in himself first. ALPHA knows his mask must go on first and ensures his HEART, BODY & MIND is on point so that he may lead his tribe with CONVICTION, DISCIPLINE & LOVE.

There is a revolution happening inside me and inside many others. A revolution of consciousness. A connection to the primal and the simple.

This is the true essence of ALPHA.

Stay dangerous,



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