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Trigger Warning: A frank discussion about modern dating and sex

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019


I was recently featured on the Better Dating And Relationships Podcast with two good friends of mine, Matt and Anna.

I first met Matt and Anna when I was training to be a Higher Game Mastery Circles Coach. Anna and I got to talking and realized that we are doing the same kind of work.

The two of them are partners both in their coaching and personal life. They discovered early on that they both had a very similar life outlook as well as the goal and drive to help others through coaching.

Since then, they have used their combined knowledge and experiences to help their clients learn how to become successful in dating and relationships as well as living an inspired and purpose driven life.

You can check their website out here:

Their Better Dating and Relationships Podcast is where they seek to bring the discussions they always enjoyed in private out onto an open forum to help share their expertise and inspire others to reach the next level in their dating lives and relationships.

For this latest episode, which you can listen to above, they reached out to me and wanted to hear my story.

We talked about:

- What an Alpha Male really is in a modern sense.
- What is really attractive to women (note: not pick up lines or anything you DO).
- How to navigate dating and sex in the #metoo era.
- How to be a masculine man in a super-feminist anti-male world.
- "The Red Pill" and its implications and pitfalls.
- David Deida and The Way Of The Superior Man.
- What can women do if they are frustrated with a man?
- What the fuck was Aziz Ansari thinking when he groped that photographer?

It was a great talk and a pleasure to share with them. I'm sure you will enjoy this podcast.

They had to warn their audience at the beginning that this episode could be slightly triggering, but it was time to put aside political correctness and tell the truth.

...That's how you know it good!

I'm kinda proud of being their first real trigger warning.

Click "play" at the top of the page to listen.

Stay dangerous,

- DK


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