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The myth of "the one"

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020



OK, this one's gonna hurt...

Hey, it's David.

Men and women both often succumb to a life of dating and relationship mediocrity and misery because they have bought into the myth of "The One" perfect person who is the embodiment of the... be all end all perfect lover for them.

People obsess over "The One" that got away; or that person who they perceive as being "The One" and ignore the fact that that person is unavailable or uninterested. Men and women both often become fixated on a person who they have no chance with, because they believe that patience and persistence will eventually pay off like it does in all of the movies, and TV programs that they watch.

In reality, all it does is keep them from the love that they deserve and which is waiting for them, if they would simply just let go and open themselves up to the possibility that there really is someone who is a better match; and who feels the same way.

Many new guys who I start working with, often are unable to move on from a previous breakup or rejection, because deep down they really don't feel they deserve to be happy or loved. They may carry the torch for months or even years of their lives for a person who is indifferent, unavailable or uninterested. Life is too short to be spending the moments of your life hoping that what you can't have, will somehow magically become available to you & want you also.

The reality is, most people who you find attractive and desirable are not going to feel the same way. Most of those who do feel the same way, are not going to be a good match for you long-term. A lot of guys have a much tougher time with this than women do.

It really is a numbers game.

Guys who are just starting to apply what I teach in The Alpha Shift, don't know what they don't know. It is only when they relentlessly apply my principles and talk to and interact with enough women, that they realize there are more beautiful women who they can hook up with sexually, than there are beautiful women who they can hook up with sexually, AND have a long-lasting, and healthy relationship with.

Until a guy has dated a number of women, he will still have a tendency to get hung up on one woman before she has earned it through her actions and reciprocated interest.

The perfect woman for you if you are a man, may only be perfect for you for a few years.


People change in that they become better versions of themselves. Two people either grow together or they grow apart. You may have a spectacular relationship full of love, passion and magnificent sex for several years, and then you both realize that your core values and outcomes are no longer aligned.

Most guys think on each new first date that they have, that this could be "The One", while the woman is thinking, "let's just see what happens."

When you date enough different women over time and as you mature as a man, you will end up adopting the same kind of, "let's just see what happens" attitude that women have towards first dates and relationships.

If you are single and believe that the perfect woman will make you happy and solve all of your problems, you are mistaken.

If you are married and think you could never love anyone other than your wife, you are also mistaken.

I would suggest taking a second and looking at this short video where I show you a way to quickly discern truth from falsehood and set yourself up to win, no matter what the circumstances.

Stay dangerous,




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