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The Mission of The Red Pill Club

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2017

The Red Pill Club was devised as the online home of a special tribe of men:

Men dedicated to freedom and empowerment through embracing the raw truth.

You see, we are lied to all the time:

Society lies.

The media lies.

Even the people who love us lie.

And most of us have the insidious life sucking habit of lying to OURSELVES.

Men of the Red Pill Club strive to be better than that.

We look at ourselves, our lives, and the world AS IT IS and without fear to gain the insights and the power to life fulfilled lives with meaning and focus, build incredible self-esteem, and have deep meaningful relationships with our spouses, significant others and loved ones.

With open minds and humble attitudes, we study the dynamics of intimate relationships to find out who we really are and how to kick ass in this life. We become the best version of ourselves and become a leader and a pillar of supports for our partners and loved ones.

We examine the murky landscape of what it really is to be a man in the modern age, how has it changed, and how we can deliberately and systematically become the men we've always wanted to be.

Perhaps most importantly, The Red Pill Club is a tribe. This group of men is going to be a family in and of itself, with all the members supporting and encouraging each other.

A network is one of the least known and most underrated secrets of success.

Who is the Red Pill Club for?

All men.

Particularly young men, ages 20-45. This covers Generation X, right down to the millennials. These groups, collectively, are the ones most affected by modern liberated "enlightened" thinking. There world has most been gutted and robbed by "Political correctness".

These are the guys who are getting married and settling down in the lowest numbers in history.

Many are opting out of relationships completely, feeling that it's hopeless.

But men of all ages will benefit from the work we do here.

A word to women:

It's been our experience that many a woman get curious as to what a group of men are up to, striving to be better fathers, lovers, leaders...

Well, ladies you are welcome to join the conversation as well. Your interest is much appreciated and your input invaluable.



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