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The Lion and the Lion Tamer

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019



There is a big push today in the cultural zeitgeist for men and women to become "conscious" about their intimate relationships. Men want to be more vulnerable, women want a man who can hold space for all of her, the good the bad and the ugly. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Honestly, I think this is good and does have its place.


... It would seem in many circles, men have become too "soft," and women have become too "wild."

The balance is off.

Before you get too carried away finding your wings, being conscious and authentic and all of that, I need to remind you never to forget your roots:

You're an animal.

When it comes to your sexuality (and hers), you have to remember that you are an animal and subject to the base instincts of an animal.

You are an animal that operates according to inbuilt biology. Yes, society tempers that, but it's there.

And if you're an animal, your wife (or girlfriend, partner or whatever) must be too.

That means your kids are animals, and they are being tamed into the ways of society too, right now if you are doing your job.

So you're in your Den with big and small male and female animals. And just FYI, the big male leads the pack.

But you're also a societal human too, you like comfort, you like community, you like intellect and theory. You like that someone made the medicine that helps you along in your day. You like the civility within which you engage with your wife. You like social norms, like blowjobs. Have you ever seen any other animals doing that?

No. That's a society thing.

And you're here at The Alpha Shift to become a better man for the purpose of well, sexual strategy, which let's be honest is >80% animal behavioral traits.

We all want to be the best we can be, but if women didn't exist, we'd be good in front of the Xbox playing Fortnite.

Just remember that if you want to be alpha, you need to be spending more time on 'animal you' and less time on 'society you.'

Find your balance, but remember she's mostly attracted to the animal.

With that, I present to you, the story of the lion and the lion tamer:



Over time a lion's loyalty begins to overcome his rationality. He loves the lion tamer. Even if sometimes she forgets to feed him. I mean, she always feeds him eventually. Even though it's only one kind of meat, and frankly, he's getting kind of bored with it. He really misses the variety that the wild provides, but the lion tamer told him that if he leaves the cage and eats anything else, she'll get mad and his gravy train will stop. So he fights his natural urges and repeats to himself over and over that this meat is all he needs. It's safe, it's fairly reliable. No reason to risk that.

Sometimes he has to perform tasks for the lion tamer in order to get fed. But they're not very big tasks. Not like leaving the cage and trying to hunt again. And it's been so long since he last hunted, does he even remember how? In fact, he's gotten pretty out of shape since being in there, even if he knew how would he even be fast enough to catch any food? But he knows he can do those tasks though. So no problem. He'll just keep doing that.

But as time goes on, he notices that doing them doesn't always result in being fed. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. And frankly, the quality of the meals has really dropped. Not only are they infrequent and unreliable, but they're bland and dry. It doesn't even taste that good. Sure some of that is because he's used to it, but he can tell when a meal takes effort and when it doesn't. She's not even tenderizing it anymore.

So the lion starts to get angry and starts to roar at the tamer. But that only seems to make things worse. So in desperation, the lion starts searching for ways to please her--tries to crack the code. He does everything she asks, and even things she doesn't. But his meals remain so sporadic and unpredictable he can never get his bearings and develop a rational plan for securing his food. So he just tries everything every day all the time and hopes for the best. She's become like a volcano goddess, and all he can do is grovel and pray.

Until one day the lion wakes up and he sees that while he slept, another cage has been constructed during the night right next to his and his tamer is with another lion inside, giving him all the juicy, tender, deep-red meat he wants (she even lets the lion fuck her in the ass).

He roars at the other lion, he roars at the lion tamer, but she merely glances at him in contempt and tells him to get lost. So he leaves. Stunned, hurt, humiliated, angry, and hungry, he's forced to hunt again, but his muscles are weak, his senses are dull, and his memory of how to survive in the wild is faint.

And so off he goes to rebuild himself again, if he can.


From one lion to another - stay dangerous,

- DK


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