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The importance of being positive and supportive

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2019



Your woman needs you to provide stability and emotional support in her life.

She doesn't need you coming home whining to her about your day and everything that isn't going right in your life.

She needs you to comfort her with masculine confidence and a positive outlook.

Complaining has never accomplished anything positive in a man's life or within his family.

You're a man.

You need to learn what it is to act like it.

That means, take charge.

Set a positive example for your family. Exemplify for them what it means to take life's challenges head-on without allowing undesirable circumstances to dampen your spirits.

As the husband goes, so goes the family. A negative husband is like cancer to the emotional stability of a household.

This will weigh especially heavy on his wife and take a toll on her desire for sexual intimacy with him. Emotional discontentment leads to the immediate sexual atrophy for a woman.

There is an entire subreddit called "dead bedrooms." I can save you hours of reading by telling you this is going on all over the country, really all over the world. Oh, they think it's other things, but THIS is what it boils down to.

Take charge and set an example of staying positive as you confidently meet the challenges life throws at you and your family.

Give your woman comfort in knowing that she can rely on you to lead the family in times of blessings, hardships, and everything in between.

Be a rock for her. Give her the emotional assurance she needs, and she will give you the physical intimacy you need.

Women need their emotional needs met before opening up physically.

Men need their physical needs met before opening up emotionally.

You take charge. Be the best version of yourself. If she still doesn't respond, trust me, another woman will be happy to have you.

Stay dangerous,

- DK



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