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The deadly trap that destroys any man...

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2019

There's a DEADLY TRAP that rapidly lowers a woman's attraction for you...

Getting NEEDY.

Have you ever gotten needy with a girl?

This is a hypothetical question.

I have yet to meet a guy, I don't care how badass he is, who at one time or another, hasn't lost his power and gotten needy with some girl.

I know I did.

Well, today, my smart friend, I'd like to share with you an insight into the female psyche that may just eradicate any last neediness you still have around really attractive women, by teaching you the truth about this "trap."

With no neediness coming from you, just presence, power, and indifference (indifference to her approval, not indifference to her), she almost has no choice but to FEEL ATTRACTION for you as you interact with her and others.

Your challenge will never be about overcoming anything with her.

It's all about YOU. Your challenge is to master your own emotional state. And it's HARD.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Things are going great. Some woman is super into you.

Then almost out of nowhere, she pulls back, and it's like she's not into you at all.

(This could happen with your girlfriend of a few months or your wife of ten years.)

You're confused.

What's going on?

You failed her subconscious strength tests, and attraction dies.

Women need strong men and are always testing you for strength. One bad day can be all it takes for attraction to dry up and for her trust to close down.

Hell, you could be having a good day and be doing everything right, and she still closes down.

Not fair right? Maybe not, but it will happen.

Think of it like a thunderstorm. Sometimes you experience severe weather.

Thunder, lightning, - it can be scary.

But here's the thing...

The storm always passes.

Every storm eventually passes.

They all come, and they all go.

Female energy has this peculiar tendency...

Their moods and opinions often change like weather patterns.

And you can't predict it, you don't know why she just randomly switched, or if it's something you did.

Masculine energy looks at a nail and goes, this needs a hammer.

It looks at a cashflow problem and goes, this needs marketing.

It looks at a boring party and goes, this place needs a cocktail.

Masculine energy is problem-solving.

So when your girl randomly pulls back, gets distant, upset for no reason, etc., our natural tendency is to think, "Oh, OK, she has a problem, let's solve it."

But that's not what she wants.

Because there is no problem.

Just a changing of the weather - a storm.

As David Deida puts it, "the bases of these storms are the high and low-pressure systems of love."

There is a lot of power in that statement.

Let's take a closer look, so we don't lose it:

When she changes her mood on you for seemingly no reason, your impulse is to find the problem and solve it.

But there is no problem to be solved.

She actually resents you when you approach her changing mood like it's a math equation.

Do it often enough, and she will begin to resent you so much she feels HATRED.

Understand: THERE IS NO REASON for her changing mood, except for one...

She feels unloved, or like her love is not being received.

This is where most guys get NEEDY.

Because they have yet to realize this truth, they think her changing mood is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY...

...Or their fault.

So, you start going through all these gyrations trying to "make things good again" with her,
and in the process, turn yourself needy.

There's no need for this.

Don't fall into the trap.

Write this down: When her mood changes like a storm, she's not looking for a coach, she's looking for love.

So, give her love, not a solution.

Don't assume anything is wrong at all.

Assume that she wants love from you, in a deep, strong, steady, and sensitive way...

...A masculine, strong, non-needy way.

Look into her eyes with love, touch her how she likes to be touched with love, and speak or sing to her with love.

This is HARD because it requires you to be firm in your masculine center and not needing ANY validation from her.

You will find it amazing as her storm begins to evaporate.

To your success,




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