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The Alpha Shift Podcast Episode 002: A "Tale Of Two Lives..."

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2019




Welcome to the latest episode of The Alpha Shift!

Featuring David Krueger and Don Kowalewski.

David and Don met 28 years ago pledging a fraternity at Michigan State University.

This episode is two men the same age who have known each other their entire adult lives.

...Yet their lives took interesting and different courses.

Your humble host David had fun and calamity in his personal life, as you all know.

Don married his college sweetheart and has been married 22 years. He has three beautiful kids, three cars, a crushing mortgage, and a dog he doesn't even like.

In this episode the hosts realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Show highlights include:

* Life paths are different but one is not necessarily wrong.
* Sometimes a man finds the right compatible girl and gets lucky.
* A woman is attracted to who you are when you meet her. Too often we become someone else - someone who hides in the basement and stops courting her.
* Having the guts and the stick-to-it-iveness to go after what you want in life. What it means to show up and get it done.
* David's little known Hollywood career and Don's brush with stand-up comedy and how the choices they made affected their lives and loved ones.
* There are no wrong decisions.
* The danger of comparing yourself to others.
* The real reason some couples stay together and some separate.
* Don's formula for calculating your TRUE age. Hint you are YOUNGER than you think you are!





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