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The "Steve" Factor

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020



I just did a great interview with a smart fun woman, Michelle Forsythe who gave Don and I a TON of insights into the female mind and attraction.

You can listen/watch that Alpha Shift Radio episode here.

 In the interview, she mentions the "Steve" factor. She knew a guy named Steve who was magnetic, confident and fun to be around.  She suggests that it is a state all men should aspire to.

I agree.

In fact, coincidentally it reminded me of that old movie, "The Tao of Steve".

It was more than just a typical dumb romantic comedy. In fact, it contains nuggets of PURE GOLD for men.


"When you're with a pretty girl better keep your heart at bay Just be excellent in front of her and then you pull away"

~ Tao Of Steve Theme Song


Dex, the main character is an overweight, 30-year-old part-time kindergarten teacher, and he's at actually a master at seducing hot women.

He calls it the Tao of Steve because it combines Taoism and the traits of 3 famous Steve's who women find fascinating and irresistible:

Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man)
Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-O)
Steve McQueen (action movie actor)

The result:

A simple yet effective 3-part system for getting dates with women.

And even though it's a comedy movie, the wisdom is solid.

Let's take a look at the system:

Part 1: Be Desire-less


If you're out with this girl and you're even thinking about getting laid, you're finished. Because women can smell an agenda like shit on a shoe.

~Tao of Steve


This is a valuable lesson in all parts of your life, because as they say in business if you can't walk away from the deal then you are not negotiating, you are begging.

Begging is never attractive.


If you chase girls like a dog in heat, they will run away.

But if instead, you act as if you are just out having a good time and if she's interesting enough, maybe she can join in your fun.


"Act like a woman can't join your club and she'll do almost anything to get in"

~ Tao Of Steve


It sets a very different frame.

Because the majority of guys have only one criterion. Is she hot or not? And if the girl is hot, it's on!! No screening for other qualities, like does she have the personality of a dead fish.

One of the first things I tell new Alpha Shift guys is this:

You have something special. So only good girls get a shot at it.

If you think of what you have to offer as a gift, and SCREEN women to see if they are worthy, you'll stand out like a full moon on a cloudless night.

Then give them a taste of what an Alpha has to offer.

I'm always screening. You should be too.

Part 2 - Be Excellent.

In the movie, Dex called this having some "Skillz".

(Like being good at playing guitar.)

Skillz are something that makes you unique, interesting, and exciting to any woman you meet.

And skills don't have to be crazy weird shit like juggling, rodeo clowning, or being an Olympic gymnast.

It can be simple manly shit. Building a bed frame, being handy around the house. Maybe you're a great cook.

Maybe you're a great conversationalist or you can make her cum over and over. (Actually, these two are musts.)

Basically, you can't be a buffoon who is good at nothing and puts forth no effort.

The best skill you can have is mastery of yourself. Being non-needy and entirely in control of any situation because you know what really motivates women and you always know how to proceed.

Part 3: "Be Gone"

Be Gone is explained in the movie using a "law of the jungle" analogy. As Dex puts it:

We pursue that which retreats.

So you get through the defenses by being desire-less (part 1).

Then you stimulate her desire by being excellent (part 2).

Then when she's getting hot & bothered, and starts thinking "I want this"...

You take it away!

Where 'it' is you, and how you make her feel.


After you've eliminated your desire, and after you've been excellent in her presence, then you must retreat.

~ Tao of Steve


Now you might be thinking "DK that's insane!"

I've got a girl who wants me, right there in front of me. Why the hell would I take myself away??

Because my friend, she will want you even more.

It will make her insane with desire.

Instead of the typical guys that drool over her, desperately trying to get her to go home with them...

You pull back.

Totally relaxed. Totally outcome-independent. Having a great time whether she's there or not.


Look chicks are like hunters, man. They want to bag a lion or a bear, something really hard to catch.

~ Tao of Steve


This is how you make yourself the hunted. Let her do the work and chase you.

And oh by the way...

Almost no other guy does this.

So in her mind, your stock just went up crazy. Like you got bought out by Google.

In a nutshell, you give them a taste of pleasure then take it away.

Because she's human, she will want it back! And more than before.

When you know your own value and know your mission in life, you'll never put a woman before any of that again.

You'll be outcome-independent.

And you will naturally Be Gone.

Stay dangerous,


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