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Seizing the opportunity - the new world is coming.... (Alpha Shift Radio - ep. 020)

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2020



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Episode 20:

The Alpha Shift in Exile

"Seizing the opportunity - the new world is coming...."

The World Will Never Be The Same - And Neither Will You

With David Krueger

* So we're under House arrest. Life will never be the same.

* I've reflected on priorities, I share how I spend my time.

* What's really going on? You should Look into things.

* Learning how to learn and how to be humble. I don't know what I didn't know.

* The old normal is gone. But - you are not in this alone. What's happening to you is happening to everyone.

* How will you define yourself?

* Too busy surviving, hustling.

* The benefits of connecting with friends.

* Creativity, connection to source - operating from passion. That's what creates beauty in this world. What my passion really is.

* Some upheaval is coming. Brace for the ride.

* More opportunity now since the great derision.

* Solutions will come because EVERYONE needs them.

* Take advantage of the gift you've been given. Find yourself. Connect with your source. What fires you up? Create. Create. Create. Create. Slow down. Reflect go within meditate. It will come. There will never be a better time.

* I'm going get everything I asked for in 2020. The blessings are there.

* Comment with your insights - what is going on with you? How are you taking advantage of this downtime?

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