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Resolutions or Intentions?

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020




Guest article by Don Kowalewski -

Last night on the Alpha Shift Podcast we talked about New Year's Resolutions. Some love them. Some hate them. We focused on the haters that will tell you stats about how few people ACTUALLY stick to resolutions and the average number of days anyone sticks with a resolution (ie “most people will end their resolution before the end of January and revert to old habits”).

 That’s crap. We (well, Don) LOVE New Year's Resolutions. In fact, Don loves New Week Resolutions, New Month Resolutions, Quarterly Resolutions, Mid-Year Resolutions, and Fourth Quarter Home-Stretch Resolutions?

 Why? It’s a percentage game, first of all. If you make a hundred resolutions and succeed at 10 of them, you’ve done 10 amazing things. If you make a single, all-or-nothing resolution, you’ve got everything riding on a single promise to yourself. That’s scary. It’s like walking on a tight rope. One misstep and you’re not a tight-rope walker, anymore, you’re a guy falling and failing.

 What happens when you put a bunch of tight-ropes together, all going at different angles and crossing over the top of each other? You have a net. A safety net. Do I need to draw a picture? OK. Here is the picture.

Which brings us to the second “why”.  Which is actually why not? Think about it. Everything you have in your life that you do well, that you’re proud of, or that you’ve accomplished is the result of a resolution you made at some point in your life. If you floss daily it means, at one point in your life, you made a promise to yourself that dental hygiene was important. If you play piano or guitar, if you speak Spanish or any second language, if you can cook paella without looking at a recipe book, or if you have afghans and blankets all-around your house that you knitted yourself, you obviously made resolutions to do those things. Maybe you didn’t list them out or Blog about them, but you did make a decision at some point in time to do those things.

That’s all resolutions are. Or, the other word we kicked around was “intentions.”  Call them New Year’s Resolutions or New Year’s Intentions, but make bold statements, big goals, and call your shots.

Author, Podcaster, husband, father, Teacher, and Storyteller, Matthew Dicks goes to the extreme and even brags about his 55% achievement rate over the last 10 years. He posts all his annual resolutions and then updates his success and failure, publicly, each month. His Blog entry on the year-that-was and the year-ahead is worth reading.

At The Alpha Shift, we’re going to make some BIG resolutions and intentions for the new year. We want to hear yours and help all our listeners and readers MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and together be a buncha better male Homo sapiens by the time 2021 begins.

Oh, you want our list? Here goes…

The Alpha Shift will have Charlize Theron as a guest on the Podcast

The Alpha Shfit will have a new Podcast every week.

The Alpha Shift will have a LIVE Podcast event with our listeners

The Alpha Shift will write a book

The Alpha Shift will write a screenplay (Alpha Shift Productions sounds so cool)

The Alpha Shift will have Matthew Dicks on the Podcast

It’s gonna be a Alphawesome year!

You can check Don out online here:



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