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Podcast Ep. 005 - Live Life Like You're Dying, Relationships Are Your Riches and Burnt Corned Beef

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2019



Tonight's episode is very special and very personal for David and Don.

It's the one year anniversary of the untimely passing of their dear friend, and tonight we celebrate and learn from an exceptionally well-lived life.

It is an incredibly attractive and magnetically powerful thing to live life like it's precious, see people like they matter, and make everyone around you feel important.

Building a community is literally where all your riches in life come from.

...And of course, you can't rush the preparation of a 30 lb - corned beef.

Matt Bair, we love you, and you'll always be in our hearts.

(Make sure to listen to the end, where we feature a live recording of Don presenting this amazing story at a Moth Story Slam!)

2:30 - Who Matt was. What was special and different about the way he treated people.

6:30 - Everyone goes their separate ways after graduation. It's all about the future! You don't realize you are ALWAYS living your best moments. Life is what happens when you're making other plans.

8:30 - Matt hosted everybody. The hospitality of the "Barriott." Matt is Lorne Michaels. We were all the cast of SNL.

If you were his friend, you were his friend. Don created an acronym out of his name which embodies who he was, as well as principles we all can aspire to:

M - Make friends wherever you go.
A - Accept Everyone whoever they are.
T - Take time for those around you.
T- Tell people how much they mean to you.

Do that every day. You will live a full life.

11:30 - If you live life every day like you are dying, how attractive is that? Dating, bosses, business associates, friends - everyone will be drawn to that! You will be magnetic. That's the energy everybody wants to be around.

How do you handle adversity? Every moment is a gift. Faith. Life is always working to your advantage. You are safe; you are a spiritual being in a human body.

15:30 - worrying about what other people think.

18:00 - David's obsession with the greyhound bus. The details of Matt's untimely passing.

Living like there's no tomorrow can be incredibly attractive. Put quality in life. Do it.

21:00 - Are we too independent? Do we not need anyone?

Embrace people. Adamec's airplane story. Talking to people on an airplane.

25:45 - how Matt met the right woman at only 17 years old.

26:50 - Success for couples. Unusually successful couples.

27:20 - How Don met Kathy.

28:20 - Lightning bolt or slow burn? What's the best way to start a relationship?

31:00 - It not easy for anyone. Even the best relationships.

33:20 - what is numerology, and why is David so into it now?

36:00 - Divorced after 30 years. Who does that, and why?

41:00 - Don's wake up call.

45:20 - The power of not giving up and learning how to get it right.

50:30 - David and Don make a toast to a life well lived and to a friend who reminded them to live every day to its fullest.

52:20 - Don Kowalewski live at the Moth Story Slam, May 2018, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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