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Only SEXUAL men get the girls

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2019



Some guys who know nothing of seduction always score. WTF?

Hey, it's David.

There once was a young man who studied all the great seduction techniques.

"If she does this..." he said, "I will do this." He memorized the interest signals and was stuffed with philosophies.

Yet, he noticed that guys who did know nothing of seduction scored left and right. How did they do it?

Also, he faced a big problem. Talking to a woman normally, he was okay with. Talking to her with a sexual outcome made him feel guilty and dirty.

He knew to be desireless was keeping him from being desperate, but it wasn't getting him, women. In fact, it seemed that those guys desiring the women would have their desire reflected back.

Then it hit him, "Only the Sexual Ones get the girls."

"I don't get it! Help me, Captain Alpha!"

Captain Alpha magically appeared and whisked the young man off through time and space to the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. The young man sat and watched Captain Alpha stand before a large screen. Like Leonardo's picture of Man, Cap had one of Woman.

Captain Alpha tapped on the Woman with his pointy stick. "Women," he said, "are entirely sexual creatures. They do not respond to your intellectualism. They do not respond to your genius. They only respond to sexuality."

"What do you mean, Cap?"

"Most men are scared of their sexuality! Look at the chumps! They are not men; they are androgynous. They are ape-like."

The young man wasn't getting it, so Captain Alpha summoned up a Nice Guy and a woman.

"Look!" says Cap. "The woman has invited the Nice Guy to her pleasure palace. She is wearing sexy clothing..." (The young man merely nods and drools.) "She is being a WOMAN!" (The young man nods enthusiastically.) She simply... IS. Now, look at the Nice Guy!"

The Nice Guy was very frustrated and looked extraordinarily nervous. "Why, he is not being male. He is not being what he is."

Let us ask the Woman: 'Does Mr. Nice Guy have a penis?'"

The woman answered: "What!? Mr. Nice Guy!? NO WAY! He could never have a penis!"

But the young man was still confused. "I still don't get it."

"What do you want a relationship with a girl to be about?" "Umm..."

"Do you want to talk about DNA or genetics all day?" The young man laughed. "Of course not!"

"Then stop talking to her about DNA and genetics! Stop talking to her about GEEK things. You do not need another lab partner."

"I want sex. I want a sexual relationship!"

"Then embrace your own sexuality. Be a guy, talk like a guy, act like a guy. Do action things. It is one thing to talk about things you love, but most guys talk about things just to talk."

"Sexualize myself, my appearance, and my actions, and the women will naturally follow?"


Today's Lesson:

Your sexual desire is not bad. I don't care what society or anyone else told you. Let it show. Don't apologize for it. Be proud of it.

When a woman knows you have interest, she'll reciprocate. Or not. Either way, it's perfect.

Stay Dangerous,


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