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Men Have Gotten so Damned Needy

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2017

Have you noticed that guys are becoming even lower-status and needy on social media??

Every time a woman posts a selfie on social media, these chumps rush to feed her ego.

It's disgusting.

Look at this pic's comment:

What the HELL Has Gone WRONG?

Hollywood, the mainstream and TV are brainwashing men into creeps.

They spend so much time showcasing the accusers of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and others that it can make you question what you can and can't do anymore as a man...

Can you approach girls anymore without being called a creep?

Is it ok to make a move on a girl you like?

It sure doesn't seem so.

It's WRONG and I won't stand for it.

You've done nothing wrong, and there is nothing wrong with your masculinity.

In fact, the reason we're all here right now is because of...


Without your own masculine drive, you are rudderless.

And if you're reading this, then at some point you got "red pilled". The HARD way.

My sympathies.

But the fact is, the game is changing, and if you don't adapt, you're going to be left behind.

Men are under goddamn attack right now.

I won't let it happen.

The Red Pill Club is like the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.

Do me a favor...

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It's absolutely free and it could wake you up and save you from disaster.

Kick ass and take names,

- David Krueger

(This has been a public service message from The Red Pill Club")



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