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Men are under attack from all sides

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2018

Hello, my red-pilled clan,

It's David again, coming at you.

I'm taking a break from working on our first course to bring you another special report.

Before I get to it, let me show you something a buddy just sent me:

That's right; the Brawny paper towel man has now become a woman.

The packaging says "Strength has no gender."

Can I just say enough is enough?

Nothing masculine is sacred.

It seems to have become a cultural imperative to place women above men at every opportunity.

This is bullshit.

I'm sounding the alarm.

Consider me the Paul Revere of sex and relationships.

I'm here for you guys. In these dark times, I'm clearly out to help YOU win and become the best you can be.

More on that soon.

But, back to the rapid decline of western civilization:

Tucker Carlson interviewed Christina Hoff Sommers, author of War Against Boys, in the last part of his March weekly series 'Men in America.'

Carlson explained how the "patriarchy" has been dead, why the education system is failing boys, and that then-President Obama pushed the idea that girls thrive when men fail.

He later addressed college courses that seek to fight "toxic masculinity."

Every time they call masculinity toxic, my blood boils.

"The most remarkable fact about the decline of men in America is how relentlessly our leaders pretend it's not happening at all," Carlson said.

"The patriarchy is thriving they tell us, men are in charge, and they succeed precisely to the extent they thwart the progress of women. Society is a zero-sum equation in which a man's gain is a woman's loss. This is wrong, and we must rectify it. That's the message."

"The patriarchy is gone. Women are winning. Men are failing," he declared.

Hoff Sommers wondered if boys fail then what is going to happen to girls.

"I think too many of the activist groups think that there is a trophy and either Venus is going to win or Mars, and their job is to root for Venus. No. There's not a trophy. Men and women and boys and girls, we're in this together. And if boys are in trouble, so are we all. I mean these are the young men with whom our daughters and granddaughters are going to make the future. So if boys are failing, what's going to happen to girls?" Hoff Sommers asked.

I'll tell you what will happen to girls:

They're fucked.

Marriage will all but disappear. Men will start going their own way. There is already a fringe movement dedicated to this. Watch it grow like hell over the next few years.

Depression in women is already on the rise. Watch it go epidemic in a few years along with suicide.

And then there's the sex bots.

It's gonna get fucking weird.

And all through it, we will forge ahead, work on ourselves to live, thrive and survive through whatever comes.

I'm going to free you of your dependence on sex and women.

When you get over your internal programming and realize they're nothing special, you'll get laid like a motherfucker.

- David out


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