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Uncategorized Nov 26, 2017


 The Red Pill Club is a new breed of man…

 The Red Pill Club wages guerilla war against the lies of the mainstream media and the deception of political correctness…

And wins.

 Red Pill Club men make no excuses.

Most Red Pill Club men has their eyes opened by a wife or a lover who wasn’t what she seemed.

 We then found little comfort from a society that wasn’t what it seemed.

 So, we took a hard look at the world around us and our place in it.

 …And we assume FULL RESPONSIBILITY and FULL CONTROL OF where we are and what we have.

 Then we move forward and BOLDLY forge the amazing lives and fulfilling relationships that is everyone’s birthright.

 …And we won’t get fooled again.

 A Red Pill Club man know that his greatest enemy isn’t a group or a person, but ignorance, deception and misinformation.

 A Red Pill Club man speaks the truth with dignity.

 Red Pill Club men will not be censored, silenced, or shamed.

 A Red Pill Club man sets the terms and conditions for ALL of his relationships.

 If you asked the militant feminists, the social justice warriors, and the agenda driven mainstream media, they’d deceive you into thinking we’re misogynist, or somehow hate women. 

 Don’t you believe it…

 We just figured out that they’ll always take the best deal they can get. At ANY time.

 …So, we adjust accordingly.

 The propaganda machine would also tell you we’re dinosaurs, our day is over and the future is all female…

 …Yet our ranks continue to grow.  Men everywhere are hearing the call to recapture their true masculine essence, and stand tall and proud. 

 We’ve taken the red pill, we know what is at stake and we tell you now, we are not going anywhere.

 Red Pill Club men…

-       Seek the truth, even when it’s painful

-       Understand the true evolutionary nature of female selection (And never forget it)

-       Take full responsibility for everything in their lives

-       Are heroes and protectors for their families

-       Reject political correctness in all of its forms

-       Conduct themselves with honor and integrity

-       Offer no apologies for who and what they are

-       Are the masters of their own destinies

 Red Pill Club men are changing the world, one man at a time.

 I am the Red Pill Club.

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