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"Killing me softly with niceness, killing me softly..."

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2018



Hey it's David,

Most guys are making their best efforts to be good, to be morally sound and righteous.

We were all brought up to be considerate of others, particularly the fairer sex, and not to be selfish.

Many of us are "nice guys."

We learned to adapt to expectations of others to avoid being subject to criticism. To not step on any toes.

With very little effort we were shaped by our environment because we were afraid of rejection, afraid of losing the love and protection of our parents and peers.

So out of fear we lost ourselves... and this had disastrous consequences.

When we let ourselves down and compromise, we lose our authenticity and flow: our most attractive characteristics.

In essence, we lost our manhood.

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Some of us noticed our loss. We saw how other men who didn't compromise and didn't mind stepping on toes got the success, the girl, the fun and the respect of others.

We felt cheated.

So we went to the other extreme, not caring, not being considerate.

We became jaded and revengeful, talking back at a society that lied to us. Being rude was more in alignment with how we felt because we were disillusioned, and we had so many to blame.

But none of these paths truly express who we really are.

Who we really are can only shine through when we are ready to face the consequence of who we are.

That means taking full responsibility.

I don't believe that someone who makes a conscious effort to be real will necessarily be a better person in the traditional sense.

Sometimes when I'm being real and authentic, I sound like a serious hardass. Or a raving lunatic.

So be it.

We tend to fool and deceive ourselves so much that the process of discovering who we are can be a messy winding road.

Being real can be messy because life is messy.

But your woman and your family and friends feel your authenticity. Just as they feel it when you're fake.

But when you let yourself be that wild animal that un PC guy...

It will be much easier for others to forgive you; it will be easier for you to forgive yourself; your anger and sadness will be short lasting; your mistakes will be easily corrected, and the path to personal growth and power inevitable.

I don't believe in being a good person. Not as an intention, not as a program, nor as a new years resolution. I don't believe in conventional morals and the sentimentality it comes with.

So often have I seen good intentions soaked in judgmental attitudes and vanity.

My Facebook feed is full of fake positive people who whitewash everything and are afraid to be real.

I can't stand that.

I believe that the intention of being good is a cheap resolution and it easily leads to the contrary. Too many people lead lives aimed at exactly this.

 Life is very much about contrast, drama, friction, and conflict. Life is about manning up to challenges and discovering your deeper resourcefulness.

It is not supposed to be clean, organized, smooth and unequivocal.

Telling the truth gives you a license, to tell the truth, and no matter how strange it may seem, when you are honest without a sense of judgment and confrontation, your confessions will be accepted and forgiven and will serve as an example to others.

The problem I'm addressing - what I see everyone doing all the time - is trying to be nice.

This is compromising your authentic self, and you will receive a backlash from her and the world, stemming from your own incongruence.

Being real is not about trying to be good. Being real is beyond good and evil.

Learn to tell the truth. It's the greatest strength a man can show.

- David

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