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(INSANE) Why women despise "sensitive" guys . . .

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2019



Have you ever wondered why women flirt with guys they HATE?

Hey, it's David . . .

If you've ever caught a girl smiling at you, playing with her hair, flirting with you and
giving you what you thought was every signal in the book. . .

Only to have her TURN ON YOU and TREAT YOU LIKE A CREEP when you try to make eye contact or say hi; you need to go check out this crazy video right now:

It's by my friend Lawrence Lanoff, and it teaches you the 3 absolutely INSANE reasons women won't admit they want to sleep with you. . .

PLUS it teaches you the "Magic Code Words" women need to hear to let them "drop the act." and treat you like a sex object put on this planet just for their pleasure. . .

Getting laid ain't gonna magically make your life better, but a lot of guys ask me for a quick way to get an edge in their social circles. Lawrence is it.

Stay dangerous,


P.S. WARNING: If you've been REJECTED by girls before this presentation may trigger INTENSE feelings of embarrassment and even RAGE in you. . .

(Remember Gloria Steinem said, "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.")

But it will also teach you the "Secret Language" of Feminine Lust. . . And how to use a few special words to focus all her ravenous sexual desire right on YOU...

No excuses. Check it out here.



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