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How to start increasing your value

Uncategorized May 30, 2019




No woman wants to be with a man who offers little value. A woman wants a man who has personal power and direction and brings a great deal to the table.

It's a part of who she is. It's in the DNA.

This is why I'm so dubious of modern feminism. Not cause I want to keep the ladies down. But because turning them into men makes men become soft in turn and both lose.

The best we can do is know better and do the opposite of what the cultural imperative is.

I believe this is the great challenge of our time. The happiness and survival of future generation depend upon it.

So let's start this series on increasing your intrinsic value as a man:

Increase your intelligence.

Being an effective leader and making the right decisions for you and your family requires intelligence.

The ability to clearly articulate yourself is an essential element in persuading others to accept the veracity of your decisions.

A man's intellectual acuity is directly proportional to his potential for achievement, career advancement, power, influence, social status, and provision.

Strengthening any or all of these elements demonstrates higher value to your wife.

This will enhance the sense of value she inherits from her relationship with you, which will escalate her physical desire for you, as well.

This may seem superficial, but it's true. It's the reason rich, successful, powerful guys are magnets for gorgeous women. You can create this same kind of desire in your wife by committing yourself to any of the following:

* Learn a new skill that will help to advance you in your career
* Read books to learn about topics that will increase your earnings potential or give you interesting ideas to talk about
* Earn a degree (or multiple degrees)
* Become an entrepreneur by starting a side business
* Start solving problems at work that will provide value to your boss and earn you a promotion
* Get a new job that pays better

In addition to enhancing your value in the eyes of your wife, continually learning and acting on newfound knowledge makes life exciting.

There's always something new, and useful to learn.

This has the added benefit of preventing you from ever becoming boring.

I pity any man that allows himself to become intellectually stagnant, wasting the enormous potential he's been given to learn, build, think critically, and innovate.

The wives of such men aren't too keen on this either.

I can show you story after story of men whose wives have lost interest in them because they stopped growing and being interesting.

She doesn't want to be intimate anymore. She's confused. He's confused. It's a nightmare.

He stopped demonstrating high value. He let his hair down, so to speak. He expects her to forever love him just for who he is.

Big mistake. I'm sorry.

Look, guys, she wanted you in the first place because you demonstrated value. Maybe you were confident and capable. Perhaps you were funny. Maybe you had a great job and a giant cock.

Women fall for men who demonstrate excellent qualities. They do not love us for who we are, warts and all. Only your mother does that.

For an untrained guy, the backslide to beta male hood is all but assured over the long term of a relationship.

We need to do better.

Stay dangerous,

- DK

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PPS - In a few days, we'll explore the importance of maintaining a positive and supportive attitude. Stay tuned...



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