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Hear David on "How The Culture Gets It Wrong" Podcast

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2019

While on a recent business trip to LA, I met a pretty remarkable guy by the name of Andre Paradis.

He's the founder of Project Equinox and the host of the "How The Culture Gets it Wrong" podcast.

Andre is a relationship coach who knows that gender intelligence is the most important tool men and women can gain for a happy and healthy relationship.

From Andre's description of the podcast:


How the Culture gets it Wrong

Dating, Sex, and Relationship Insights with relationship coach host, Andre Paradis. What the culture says works in love relationships often flies in the face of what I know to be true. Come listen as I dismantle this madness and help Men and Women learn about the importance of complementary energy dynamics in love relationships.


...And he does dismantle the madness. Andre gets the power and necessity of being an Alpha Male. What we mean by that is an independent self-directed leader who has a strong mission in life and does not seek outside apporval.

That is essential for a healthy relationship.  And it is necessary if you want a woman to feel safe with you.

He took the red pill a long time ago and had a deep understanding of the importance of polarity in male-female relationships.

Andre and I were a part of a training over the course of a weekend for a revolutionary new coaching approach that involves gamification and play (more on that soon) and we had occasion to get to talking about the state of marriage and society.

We found we are just about 100% in line with each other.

Andre came over and checked out The Alpha Shift website and loved it. He immediately called me for an interview. I was honored.

And I'm the first male guest that Andre, his wife Nancy and assistant Tara have had on the podcast, so I was doubly honored.

They wanted me to share my personal story about what it was like to grow up with co-dependent nice-guy programming, conditioned to think being sweet and sensitive was the answer and how that ultimately blew up my whole life.

I then shared what it means to be a real man of character and why doing so causes everyone in your life to win.

You can check me out on the "How The Culture Gets It Wrong" podcast Episode #47: "A Man's Story: How being raised Sweet and Sensitive is a Man's Death Sentence" here:

On Soundcloud.



Google Play:

Give a listen and leave me a comment below to tell me what you think!

Here's to becoming the best version of yourself,

- David


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