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Have men become overgrown children? Podcast Ep. 004

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2019



Is it true that there are no marriageable men?

*Warning* Explicit language.

(Brian was out of hand tonight. If you have children, elderly, small animals or sensitivities of any kind, don't play this one! Consider yourself warned...)

Show highlights:

1:20 - Comic books, action figures. Addiction. David and Brian confess their lifelong habits and hobbies.

3:00 - Dork culture - when it's your identity. Nerd culture is in vogue. Are nerdy men, in fact, men?

5:00 - Money spent on yourself. The power of a decision and commitment.

7:50 - "Hot Heathers" - does the wife feel like he's not taking care of business at home? Is she raising another child?

9:00 - Cautionary tale - don't be like Bradley. Don't let your wife take care of business that YOU should be taking care of.

11:00 - Napoleon Hill - the mystery of sex transmutation. Man's greatest desire is to please woman. Men are being robbed of this key motivation today.

13:00 - Article - "The future of men and marriage is bleak."

16:00 - Brian makes personal not of professional women who "get it" and retain their femininity.

17:45 - How a woman or man can manifest their perfect partner.

19:00 - The one that Brian almost married - what went wrong? What could go right? What do men need from women in order to be Prince Charming?

24:50 - Mom's story - don't want to take care of another man - you attract your polarity.

26:30 - Young men today do not know how to be needed.

27:20 - "The acquaintance zone."

28:10 - Give up your hobbies and passions for her, and she'll resent you - the wisdom in "Hot Tub Time Machine." The people around you need you to be committed to your dreams.

30:30 Article - "The Overly Accommodating Male." The disaster a man creates by playing second fiddle.

35:35 - You are what you love, not what loves you. Let her do for you for both your own goods.

38:00 - Monogamy vs. non-monogamy.

43:00 - You can't save her. You're not her therapist. You are her man-lover. Period.

45:00 - Why can't everyone be like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward? You need every advantage to find your compatible match.

47:30 - Personality profiling and your life's journey.

48:30 - Comparing yourself to others.

50:30 - Mathematics is the key to understanding existence.

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