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Happy frickin Valentine's Day

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2018

So it's February 14th, what are your plans?

(Did I just trigger you with that question?)

I've seen a lot posts on social media about "just doing me", and "Valentines Day is an 18 billion dollar industry", and "if you have to wait for Valentine's Day to send flowers, you're not a man" all the way to "fuck her, don't waste your money go your own way."


Valentine's Day gets a lot of feathers ruffled.


Here's my take:

If I'm going to be in a relationship, I'm going to maintain it RIGHT.

Am I taking her out for dinner and dancing tonight?


Will a bouquet of roses arrive at her office this afternoon?


If in your head that makes me some sort of a simp, wimp or idiot, then you're still stuck in blame and being a victim.

We'll get you out of that.

You see Valentine's Day is nothing special. I arrange a date night about once a week.

It keeps emotional closeness.

After almost five years together the sex is fresh and exciting.

It takes WORK.

No different than getting to Carnegie Hall or the super bowl.

So if you have plans tonight with your woman, have fun. Know that you can take this relationship wherever you want it to go...

...Provided you are willing to lead and do what it takes.

If you are alone and wish you weren't, that can change faster than you imagine possible.

But YOU have to change first.

A woman's attraction is based on who you BE not what you do.

Love, power, purpose,

- David Krueger



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