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Everything's great - we just don't have sex

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020



Are you telling yourself this lie?

Hey, it's David.

I get this email about twice a week.

Same story. Same question. Different guy.

Hell, I was this guy years ago so I totally get it.

Here we go:


"DK, I think my story is probably different from most other guys you talk to. My wife and I mostly get along and we're not talking about divorce. But she is more like a friend and roommate.

She's totally checked out of the romantic part of our marriage and says she's just not interested. I don't believe her because she absolutely lights up with everyone else but me. She's more playful, affectionate and happy with everyone (even the dog) than she is with me.

She's also been spending a lot of time with a mutual friend (a married guy) down the street. She says they are "just friends", but she seems to put time with him ahead of time with me. She says we don't have much in common anymore and don't have a connection.

So...while I don't think divorce is on the horizon, I NEED HELP of some kind. The thing is, I don't know what is best for me.

Given my unique situation, what do you think would be the best fit for me? Thanks."


First of all, let's forget about what option he needs for a minute.

I want to point out how amusing it is that he believes his situation is unique.

He thinks things are mostly okay, except for this intimacy thing. She thinks things are mostly not okay, except for daily logistics.

He is craving for intimacy of any type. She is resisting all of his efforts to connect.

He is working his ass off trying to please her. She is slightly disgusted by his efforts.

He is quietly getting resentful and angry. She can read it all over his face.

He is secretly burning up inside about this "friend" of hers. She feels totally justified in taking her time and energy somewhere else.

He is owned by this woman. He has abdicated all of his worth and power in this relationship and Ruby is taking her love to town.

It's his fault, not hers. Women are predictable creatures when you get how it all works.

You can't need her. You can't seek validation with her love or seek comfort in her arms.

She can add value to your life, yes, but she can't be the primary value of your life.

Men with purpose are moving in a specific direction. Either she follows or she gets the hell off the train.

My seven-part video masterclass, The Alpha Shift, transforms you. It puts you in the driver's seat and takes the power away from her. That power doesn't belong to her.

>>>Take it back now.<<<

Stay dangerous,


PS - I know the times are a little uncertain at the moment. I want to help. For the time being, I've knocked more than 60% off the price of The Alpha Shift.

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