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Episode 022: "Breadcrumbs"

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020



Episode 022:


In this week's episode I'm inviting you to consider:

Are you paying attention? Do you explore what's happening in the world around you? Do you believe what you are being told by the media?

Are you taking charge or living in fear?

Tough times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.

Would you like to guess where we are? In this episode, I am going to compel you to investigate what is going down all around you. It may be a lot more that you think.

I left you a trail of breadcrumbs.

Segment 1:

5:38 - Covid-19 details you may not know. Are you sure that you are getting the full story?

Segment 2:

12:54 - Breadcrumbs. Follow the breadcrumbs. Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve, Sex trafficking, Hollywood, and Hillary. A pandemic where the facts don't add up and a silent war being fought under our feet.

While I won't spoon-feed you, I'll send you on a merry chase to find your own answers - you'll need them. We've turned down a path where things have changed forever and it gets crazier from here.

If not for you, do this for your loved ones who will need guidance and questions answered. Who will be there for them? If not you, who?

Segment 3:

27:54 - Dating and relationships - Anger. Red Pill Rage. Your pain in your relationships is caused by you. By your expectations. By wanting a woman to be other than what she is. Listen for the solution.

Segment 4:

34:18 - Plato's Allegory Of The Cave - Enlightenment is hard. Breaking the mold and thinking for yourself is hard. You WILL be ridiculed. Plato knew it in 347 BC. It's just as true today.

See you next week...

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