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Episode 010: Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2019



How To Take Charge of Your Life: Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS

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Segment 1:

OK, so everything seems to suck. The World is a Shit Show.

Article - Are there no more marriageable men?

Article - Charlize Theron says that she's shockingly single and men not stepping up are to blame

So what do we do pack up and go home?

No, we take charge and create the life that we want.

Segment 2:

It's good to know the score. You can't be oblivious. But know this: whatever you want you can create.

First, you have to take responsibility 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

You can create anything you want. Stop observing what IS and start thinking about what you WANT to create.

Book recommendation: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

So what do we want to create?

To begin with we want to create better versions of ourselves, strong dominate men with a purpose in life.

Book recommendation: The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida.

Segment 3:

The greatest dating advice ever given came from a shitty B Movie, "The Tao Of Steve"

3 basic tenets:

1. Be desireless
2. Be Excellent
3. Be GONE

Gentlemen, Internalize this mindset and you'll never lack for positive female attention.

Segment 4:

Things you can start doing now:

The Alpha Shift course.

Get your ass in shape.

Get your wardrobe going.

Figure out who you are and get a life mission - know that it's the most important thing you've got going.

Notice none of this included pick-up lines or what bars to hit.

Let women figure out how to look sexy and catch YOU.

YOU are the catch.

Till next week,


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