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Being right VS. being happy and free

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2018

Hey it's David,

Sometimes when I'm talking to other guys about the relationship dynamics between men and women, I really piss them off.

Especially married guys with 2.5 kids a dog a beer belly and an unhappy wife.

There's A LOT of those out there.

When we are invested in something, a way of being, a belief system, a certain course in life, it can become very scary to think of scraping it all and changing...

...Even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Denial in the face of overwhelming evidence is called cognitive dissonance.

We NEED to be right.

We would rather stay where we are and insist on being right.

It's safer that going into the unknown.

But let me tell you - that's where all the fun is.

The truth is not evil.

The truth will not kill you.

The truth, to be cliche, really does set you free.

But the truth is radically different from the lies and fairy tales that you have been fed.

Romance, true love, and soul mates are bullshit...

...Dangerous myths that pull a man way off course in his life.

You can couple up if you want.

You can get married if you want.

You can have kids if you want.

But do it knowing the score.

Know that you are always being evaluated by her. You are never home free.

You need to stay fit, stay sharp, stay viable in the sexual marketplace.

Maybe it's better this way.

I find the idea of getting a dad bod and getting old and slow revolting.

Thanks, ladies, for keeping us sharp.

See the truth.

Tell the truth.

It will set you free and give you all of your power.

- David



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