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Are you chasing women away?

Uncategorized May 27, 2020



The very act of chasing a woman, calling her when she does not call you back and trying to force progress by initiating excessive calling and texting, communicates to women that you don't understand how attraction works, or how to interact socially with women.

Hey, it's David.

Needy and insecure men who chase women trying to force things are the guys who become stalkers and violent boyfriends. That is why women will purposely not call a guy back right away, or not respond to his text right away. It's a defense mechanism, and prequalification technique women use to screen out bad relationship/sex playmate candidates.

Feminine women are attracted to masculine men.

Women are supposed to be the weaker sex.

But it seems in many ways that men have become the weaker sex. Men need the most help in relationships, unfortunately, since most men are so egocentric, they would rather continue to fail instead of learning the proper ways to handle their relationships and interactions with women.

All of the mistakes you can make with women, I used to make. I was so insecure and so afraid of getting rejected, that this irrational fear drove me to try and gain certainty of where I stood with women I was interested in. If they did not call me back right away, I assumed I had done something wrong or had blown it.

That comes from growing up without my father present.

My mother did the best she could but she was naggy and anxious as were my aunts. That left me ill-prepared to handle women.

I did not trust that a woman would love me the way I felt I deserved to be loved.

I had no problem making friends, but when it came to communicating or expressing my emotions or feelings, I was clueless. I had to teach myself the skills you read about in my articles & book totally on my own. It's like once I became an adult, the real work started on learning how to be comfortable in my own skin.

Every single interaction I had with women I was interested in, I was flying totally blind. I didn't know what I didn't know. I was always the male girlfriend because I was too nice. Because of my fear of not being loved and that I was unlovable, I was constantly seeking a woman's approval that she still liked me. Even when I was reassured, I did not expect it to last. My mother, even though she did the best she could, conditioned my brother and me to constantly seek love and approval from women who were unwilling or unable to give it. Even when I thought I had that conquered, after a few years she turned out to be emotionally unavailable after all - SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING!

This also caused me to get hung up on women who I had no chance with for months at a time. I wasted several years of my life holding out hope that certain women I wanted would eventually choose me, or become single so I could date them.

In sales, it is common knowledge that people buy based on emotion, and they use logic and reason to justify their purchase. Women date you based upon the good emotions (hopefully) that you make them feel. They later use logic and reason to justify their choosing you. However, the emotions come first. Without the emotions being engaged in having fun with you and feeling comfortable, you ain't got a chance.

Your pedigree and resume are of no concern. Only her emotions matter. If they are not engaged, it's like trying to drive a car that has no gas. It ain't going anywhere!

So I made a commitment to change. I learned the secrets that successful men knew. I did the hard work to undo my programming from childhood and replace it with empowering programming.

I took everything I learned everything that I successfully used to become the man I am today and turned it into a course. It's a 7 part video masterclass and I teach you exactly why things have happened in your life as they have and what you need to do to get the life you deserve.

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Stay dangerous,



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