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Alpha Shift Radio Episode 006: The Secrets To Success

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2019



Show Notes:

In this episode, David and Don discuss the real secret behind personal success and making changes in one's life.

David discusses his recent trip to Germany and the event at which he masterminded and gave a talk to several of his Global Information Network brothers and sisters.

David has turned his life around using the system that The Global Information Network (GIN) has given him.

That system is this:

1. Audios. Listen to positive inspiring audios every single day. At least an hour a day, more is better.
2. Read books. Even as little as a page a day will do. Audio and reading engage different parts of your brain and both are essential on a daily basis.
3. Attend live events. You must attend events as often as is humanly possible. Big stage events as well as smaller gatherings. It's important to get in the physical company of like-minded people who are going in the same direction that you are in life. The support you give and receive and the mastermind that you create together will propel you forward and life you up more than you would even have on your own.
4. Give and receive recognition. This is done far too little in life and in business today. Too often our achievement goes uncelebrated and unrecognized. We don't acknowledge our worth and self-esteem suffers. It is important to be recognized for our achievements. Even more powerful is having the opportunity to give recognition. When you whoop and holler and blast recognition at someone you are sending out a powerful transmission to the universe that will be reflected back to you many times over.
5. Form relationships. When you do the first four items on this list you will not be able to help but to form relationships with people who will support you and who are moving in the same direction you are. Your relationships are your riches. Everything you will ever receive in life will come through other people. The ability to form great relationships is the pinnacle of the entire system.

Working together, these five elements will change your life - we discuss them at length.

Don gives wonderful insights into the community, relationships, and recognition that was afforded him through his lifelong association with the Catholic church.

This is another critical clue to Don's marital and family success.

This podcast is full of insights. Success leaves clues and I think this could be one of the better hours that you spend listening.

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