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A little bit about me...

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2017

My name is David.

The Red Pill Club is my baby.

I'm in my mid 40's. I have a career that I love and make good money with.

I'm in a relationship with a phenomenal, giving, loving woman who is better than I deserve.

I even love her cat.

I create every day. I have friends and family that I love.

I live life on my terms. I know who I am. I got my "man card" back.

It was not always this way.

I've been married, divorced, in and out of debt and have had several changes of career.

I was not the successful exceptional person that I always thought I was automatically going to be.

I was average.

Hell, below average.

I was broke and in debt.

My wife cheated on me and left.

I got overwhelmed with analysis paralysis, more times than I can remember - spending years of my life accomplishing NOTHING.

I had a temper. I wanted to take my frustration out on the whole world at times.

I hated people who thought different from me.

I lived a zero-sum game. There was never enough and I was not getting my share.

Finally, I had to open my eyes, see the truth and take 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING in my life.

That's hard when you're not ready. If you're not ready, you'll fight it, you'll look away, you'll make excuses.

But when your heart and your soul are screaming for relief and you are ready for the truth, no matter how painful, no matter how badly it will piss you off, then you're ready.

And when you're really ready, the truth about the world and the truth about yourself will begin to immediately set you free, no matter how ugly it is.

Keep both eyes open. Use discernment. Tell the truth.




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