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5 Signs of a High-Quality Woman

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019



Can you be ruthlessly picky enough to hold out for a good one?

Hey, it's David.

If you are not picking carefully and selecting a high-quality woman at the outset of a relationship, nothing else you do through the course of your interaction will matter.

Many a man has lived in misery because he found an empowered woman who was brought up always to put herself first and has no interest in giving or in being pleasant or feminine.

I have a wonderful video to share with you today.

Georgia Free is a prolific Youtuber who speaks out about the deceptions of feminism and how women are being robbed of their happiness.

Whenever I can, I like to highlight this sensitive subject with the voices of strong, intelligent women who are speaking out behalf of women.

See what I did there?

...That's my slick way of dodging being called a misogynist.

In brief, a high-quality woman:

1. Doesn't bring politics into a relationship. Your relationship isn't political and should not be made to serve the feminist agenda. In fact, she shouldn't be a feminist at all.
2. Knows her type and behaves in a way to attract that kind of man. She's not just looking for hot guys.
3. She accepts and loves a man as he is. She doesn't take him on as a project.
4. A good woman communicates. She does not sulk to get attention.
5. She never pulls you down or berates you in front of others.

Do yourself a favor and check out Georgia's short video, it's great.

And if your woman runs afoul of any of these points, you have my permission to get rid of her. Life is too short to be banging your head into a brick wall every day.

Stay dangerous,







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