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Life Is Sales - Are You Getting The Job Done in Your Life?

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio Episode 014

Life, Love, and romance are all SALES

You are always in sales. It's all sales.

3:00 - In building relationships you are selling yourself. What if you looked at it more like a game and add real value.

5:30 - Selling yourself to your wife is not manipulation.

7:30 - Small example - how do you treat service people - get better

8:45 - They are buying YOU

11:00 - You must keep selling YOURSELF. You are not entitled.

14:30 - What you get excited about. That's where your genius is.

20:30 - Don presents his four tab spreadsheet that he created to keep in front of his clients and his life.

Don's Spreadsheet here.

32:20 - You can't be everyone's favorite guy. Get over it.

33:30 - Always be closing - always be committed - always be giving VALUE.


Segment 2:

36:45 - Alpha Shift After Dark - are you getting the job done in the bedroom? Common complaint from women - mend are self-centered unaware lame lovers.

40:00 - constantly making the sale with your wife - how to keep her engine running.

42:30 - Why people have affairs.

44:15 - Have an affair with your wife.

51:29 - What would actually happen if Don's 16-year old daughter went on The Bachelorette.

54:00 - 50 Shades Of Grey and rabid sexual energy in women.

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