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Episode 013: Resources to Create the new YOU

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 013: Resources to Create the new YOU

(And make your dreams come true in 2020)

5:45 - we will start with emotional needs but the resource page will eventually grow.

7:00 - The Alpha Shift will become a real community in 2020.

10:15 - Why do men need support and resources. Article "Why Progressives should stop ignoring men's issues".

15:00 - money won't fix you. You wind FIND something to worry about. The resource page will help you build the man. What has to change is you. Gearing you towards books, audios, resources, meditations.

18:00 - Male suicide statistics. Eye-opening.

22:00 - How can men learn to open up?

26:00 - Letter from a listener - how to get out of a depression, get out of shame and get his wife's respect back?

33:50 - When you don't need her validation - you get it!

35:45 - Men will call you on your shit. You need a group of guys to confide in.

38:20 - Talk to the Alpha Shift. We are your buddy!

39:50 - How can an introvert start making friends and lift himself out of depression and anxiety.

47:00 - is a great way for a single guy to boost his social life.

48:40 - What will the resource page be and what will it contain?

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