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Episode 012 - Is This The End of Men or a New Beginning?

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio - Episode 012:

The first episode of 2020! Is this the end of men, or a new beginning?

David and Don do the decade in review and then take a look forward...

1:10 review of the new Star Wars movie

9:00 Lesson from the movie - Chicks ALWAYS go for the bad boy! Be Kylo Ren!

13:00 The evolution of online dating shows our changing priorities in life.

14:15 Sharon Stone gets kicked off of Bumble.

17:00 How a woman finds her feminine essence again.

21:00 How a man finds his purpose.

24:00 Our thoughts on New Years resolutions.

26:30 Applying the Kaizen principle to daily resolutions.

27:30 Journaling the year in review - setting New Years INTENTIONS.

31:15 Change is about the US. Not the government or leadership.

38:45 You can create anything you want to create in your life.

41:00 We gotta brings Don's wife in for a guest spot!

43:00 Treating people with respect and making empowering choices. The in-love feeling will ebb and flow. It's normal.

45:30 We have made change a little too easy.

47:00 Traditional marriage is going to make a comeback but in an all-new way...

50:45 The year ahead. We want to help you find what you are looking for.

Please give us a like or a comment. We want to hear from you! Ask questions, tell us your victories! We really want you guys to be an active part of all of this, we want you to come here and hang out more often.

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