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Episode 011 - Curing Nice Guy Syndrome and Depression! Becoming the man who gets respect

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020



Episode 11: Curing Nice-Guy-Itis and Depression

answering your questions!

2:00 Can a guy be friends with a married woman?

3:40 You are a prize. Don't get hung up on unavailable women.

4:53 Do you want to be her emotional tampon?

Dave is going to do a resource page...

8:10 Is it foolish to try to make a woman happy?

10:30 the critical importance of purpose and direction.

14:10 Do women marry for the wrong reasons? Do they really love you?

16:10 How do you vet a woman?

18:00 Why can't I share my pain with her?

21:00 Why your wife wants to feel your strength.

24:00 you are creating your life every day moment by moment. It comes down to your ability to feel good.

25:30 I'm seeing a trend - a crisis of confidence.

27:30 How women test you.

31:45 A better man is good for everyone.

36:20 How do I stop being depressed and having anxiety?

40:20 I've been single for 11 years, what do I do?

46:00 What women really want from a man.

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