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You never get it done

Aug 04, 2020



"If I work hard enough now I can enjoy the fruits of my labor while the rest of them have to hustle."

Hey, it's David.

The above line is a crock of shit that leads many a well-meaning man down the road to hell.

Most men make the error of thinking that one day it will be done. They think "If I can work enough, then one day I could rest." Or "One day my woman will understand something and then she will stop complaining." Or "I'm only doing this now so that one day I can do what I really want with my life."

One of the great errors of male thinking is to believe that eventually, things will be different in some fundamental way.

They won't.

It never ends.

As long as life continues, the creative challenge is to tussle, play, and enjoy the present moment while continuing to follow your life purpose.

Stop waiting for the good stuff. The good stuff is NOW.

Are you living your best life or are you wasting yet another day?

Stay dangerous,


PS - My seven-part video...

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Everything's great - we just don't have sex

Jul 28, 2020



Are you telling yourself this lie?

Hey, it's David.

I get this email about twice a week.

Same story. Same question. Different guy.

Hell, I was this guy years ago so I totally get it.

Here we go:


"DK, I think my story is probably different from most other guys you talk to. My wife and I mostly get along and we're not talking about divorce. But she is more like a friend and roommate.

She's totally checked out of the romantic part of our marriage and says she's just not interested. I don't believe her because she absolutely lights up with everyone else but me. She's more playful, affectionate and happy with everyone (even the dog) than she is with me.

She's also been spending a lot of time with a mutual friend (a married guy) down the street. She says they are "just friends", but she seems to put time with him ahead of time with me. She says we don't have much in common anymore and don't have a connection.

So...while I don't think divorce is on the...

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How To Know If She's Marriage Material - Podcast Ep. 024

Jul 20, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

The Alpha Shift Podcast Episode 024:

"How To Know If She's Marriage Material"

In today's jam-packed episode I discuss:

1. The simple criteria of how to know if a woman is worth pursuing for marriage, why it's so important, and why 99% of women DO NOT meet these criteria today.

2. How to know if YOU are, in fact, marriage material. I go beyond the obvious, and get to the unspoken HEART of the matter.

3. The power of a man's purpose and a woman's craving to be with a man who has true purpose. Pursuing your purpose is more important than women. I'll show you why.

4. I have a very special gift for you. See below:

>>>Click here to get a once in a lifetime free course on manifestation, making your dreams come true and manifesting your life purpose.<<<

>>>Click Here to get my free eBook: "How To Never Get Dumped or Cheated on Again".<<<

Download the podcast from all major podcasting platforms and listen on the go:...

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You Get to Declare How Your Kingdom is Run!

Jul 17, 2020



In uncertain times real men are made.

Hey, it's David.

It's one thing to talk the talk. It's one thing to promote leadership and manliness and go back to your routine to think about it.

It's quite another thing to espouse that when your back is against the wall.

That's why we have such a profound opportunity before us now.

It's that simple.

It's up to us to decide how each day is going to go.

The world is going to change permanently after 2020 - perhaps in ways, you cannot yet imagine. Many of us will have our lives turned upside down. This could be the greatest blessing of our lives - or the greatest curse. That's entirely up to us.

WE decide what we will allow to influence our environment and what distractions we allow into our kingdom.

WE decide how we will use our time and what actions must be taken to protect ourselves and our kingdom.

WE decide how we will maintain connections to support others and get the support we desire for our kingdom.

I'm curious...

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You're not even marriage material (But she's PERFECT)!

Jun 17, 2020



There is a blatant double standard applied today in what men and women are expected to accept from a member of the opposite sex for them to be considered marriage material.

Hey, it's David.

What we have is the worst double standard imaginable. For what we have is a culture that insists that men be held to the highest of standards, while women can be held to virtually no standard at all.

All women are marriage material, you see, but only the tiniest sliver of upper echelon men are worthy of making the marriage material cut.

The rest of the men who manage to find wives are, therefore, expected to be forever grateful to them for sacrificing their standards and allowing these fortunate men an opportunity to experience the joys of being married to an insufferable, contemptuous shrew with an over-inflated sense self.

In an age in which such unbridled concern is placed on equality, one would expect the woke among us to decry this obvious injustice being perpetrated...

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Dominant Women And Accommodating Men - Total Disaster! The Lie Of Feminism Has Destroyed Marriage

May 31, 2020



Download my Free eBook, "How To Never Get Dumped Or Cheated On Again":

Men are in an identity crisis and all of us are suffering for it! In this video, I discuss the softening of men and how it ruins their lives and marriages.

- DK

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CENSORED! - Alpha Shift Radio

May 28, 2020



YouTube took down my latest podcast episode!

Hey, it's David.

No sooner did I get episode 023 uploaded all over everywhere than I got a notification that YouTube pulled it down for violating community standards. Wow. Talking about current events is apparently unacceptable.

The episode is called "Love Always Conquers Fear - How to be a leader in uncertain times" and I was pretty proud of it.

You can of course, as always, watch listen or download at

I'm curious, watch the episode and leave me a comment whether you think that sort of thing should be censored. This stuff is getting out of hand and while I think it's coming to an end everyone needs to speak up and do their part.

Donald Trump just signed an executive order against these social media companies for censoring Americans - which I think is a great step.

One last request...

Make your voice heard and sign this online petition to let the white house know that you while not put up with these...

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Are you chasing women away?

May 27, 2020



The very act of chasing a woman, calling her when she does not call you back and trying to force progress by initiating excessive calling and texting, communicates to women that you don't understand how attraction works, or how to interact socially with women.

Hey, it's David.

Needy and insecure men who chase women trying to force things are the guys who become stalkers and violent boyfriends. That is why women will purposely not call a guy back right away, or not respond to his text right away. It's a defense mechanism, and prequalification technique women use to screen out bad relationship/sex playmate candidates.

Feminine women are attracted to masculine men.

Women are supposed to be the weaker sex.

But it seems in many ways that men have become the weaker sex. Men need the most help in relationships, unfortunately, since most men are so egocentric, they would rather continue to fail instead of learning the proper ways to handle their relationships and...

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"Love Always Conquers Fear" Alpha Shift Radio Ep 023

May 26, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 023:

"Love always conquers fear: How to be a leader in a time of tremendous uncertainty"


Segment 1:

On the level of form, your freedoms are being taken away.

People are taking the Red Pill. You must understand it to understand what is going around you.

Great documentaries for you to watch right away:

Out Of Shadows
Fall Of The Cabal

Doctors speaking up about HR6666 and tyranny:

Dr. Rashid Buttar
Dr. Erickson Dr. Massihi

Where are YOU with everything? How do you feel? Are you out of work and at effect?

Red Pill isn't all scary - good things are coming too.

You are all going to a new world and a new life - EVERYTHING is going to change.

Segment 2:

Three critically important life lessons taken from "The Way Of The Superior Man:"

1. Always hold to your deepest realization
2. Never change your mind just to please a woman
3. Your purpose must come before your relationship

Segment 3:

How to raise your consciousness and...

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Why pick-up and game SUCK

May 21, 2020



Have you ever learned and practiced pick up techniques?

Hey, it's David.

Game, as developed by pick-up artists is a social tool designed to help men have more success with women.

But what kind of women does it work best with?

Think about it...

It works on women who are playing the same game you are. Extraction. They're trying to get something out of it.

If you are practicing game, you're doing it to get laid. Plain and simple.

The women who respond to game are out to get what they want too.

When you're on a casual date with a girl, you maintain a ledger of what you have given her compared to what you have received. You note how much time and money you spent on her and how good she may be at giving you orgasms in bed. You may also calculate the opportunity cost of being with her versus another woman.

Are you aware that she maintains the exact same ledger?

A girl you're on a date with weighs how much your attractiveness can validate her, how much social status...

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