My name is David and I have ALWAYS known that I had a mission.

I've always had that something that burned inside of me.

A career in Hollywood didn't bring it out. Neither did a career in the service industry or copywriting...

...Nor a marriage.

So what then? What is it to be a man with passion and purpose in this world?

As of this writing, the world has permanently changed. Hidden agendas have been exposed. A veil has been lifted.

Souls have begun a mass awakening unlike anything in human history. The old ways are crumbling and a new world is beginning to emerge.

Finally, my true purpose became clear:

Be a beacon, a "Torch" to illuminate the path. My aim is to light the way and help you find your own sovereign power to connect to your limitless potential and create the life and the you of your dreams.

I can't wait to get started.