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Own Your Masculinity NOW

Gentlemen: This isn't the life you had intended or hoped for, is it?

For so many of us, happily ever after turned into a living hell.  And it's no wonder:  The rules changed on us.  And now they're changing AGAIN. Here's the opportunity: We can learn how to take the lead again and be the heroes for our wives girlfriends and children. We just need the light to illuminate the way...

It's a new world with new challenges and new opportunities...

...And a NEW KIND OF MAN is needed. A man who is connected to his spiritual core. A man who is one with his purpose. A man who needs no relationship to validate him. But how the hell do I do it? The Alpha Shift newsletter and insider club gives you insider access to the wisdom that will help you transform into the best version of yourself. Take a step toward reclaiming your power and subscribe below...

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You are sitting on a vast reserve of untapped POWER and POTENTIAL...

The Alpha Shift will assist you in finding your power. You will learn how to think, act, speak, carry yourself and most importantly - how to connect to your higher self. You are on this page right now because you were called here. You KNOW there is so much more to you. You were meant to succeed. You were meant to be free.

Being a "Nice Guy" is a Death Sentence!

I was recently featured on the popular podcast, "How the Culture gets it Wrong" with Andre Paradis.  Listen while we discuss my story, what is wrong with relationships between men and women today, and what we can do about it!

Dating and Sex in the Modern Age

I was recently interviewed by Matt and Anna for the "Better Dating And Relationships" podcast, and I held nothing back! I think it was their first episode to issue a NSFW trigger warning for their listeners! Listen here.

You're not alone

With the Alpha Shift you have a community, resources and support.  You can reclaim you're manhood, your mission, your dignity.  And we pull no punches here - we tell the truth.  Start by subscribing above and joining our free information packed newsletter for the latest articles and content to help you become the man you were meant to be.

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